Mary Jane Duford

Mary Jane Duford

Mary Jane Duford is a quintessential Canadian gardener. An engineer by trade, she tends to an ever-expanding collection of plants. In her world, laughter blooms as freely as her flowers, and every plant is raised with a dash of Canadian grit. Mary Jane is a certified Master Gardener and also holds a Permaculture Design Certificate. She's also a proud mom of three, teaching her little sprouts the crucial difference between a garden friend and foe. When she's not playing in the dirt, Mary Jane revels in her love for Taylor Swift, Gilmore Girls, ice hockey, and the surprisingly soothing sounds of bluegrass covers of classic hip-hop songs. She invites you to join her garden party, a place where you can share in the joy of growing and where every day is a new opportunity to find the perfect spot for yet another plant.

Container herb garden

Detailed tutorial for planting an organic container herb garden that's both beautiful and delicious | home for the harvest

An organic container herb garden consists of a planter or group of small planters filled with high-quality organic potting soil and used to grow culinary herbs using natural methods. Growing a successful organic container herb garden involves making sure the…

Witch garden

Stinging nettles from witch garden in bare hands

Ready to create a witch garden for your very own? Ooooh is it ever time to cultivate some plant magick! Let’s get started on exactly how to go about nurturing sanctuary among the trees, flowers, and herbs that support our…

Backyard wedding

Simple backyard wedding ceremony and reception showing wedding party at home on porch

There is something so meaningful about backyard wedding ceremonies. For us, having a wedding ceremony at home let us celebrate how wonderful life already is instead of celebrating somewhere unfamiliar. I hope our simple backyard wedding ceremony will inspire you…

Where to find moss

Where to find moss in nature

Moss is a beautiful element in garden design, living art, and indoor gardens. Fortunately, it’s usually easy to find growing naturally in most climates. Moss is most commonly found in moist, shady environments. Check hard surfaces that stay out of…

Bare root tree tips

How to plant bare root trees - tutorial and printable instructions | home for the harvest

Have you ordered trees online before? If not, you may be wondering what it’s like to buy trees over the internet. Most trees and shrubs purchased over the internet are shipped to customers as bare-root trees. Bare root trees can be…

Seed starting guide

Seed packets and potting soil with garden trowel for seeds for sale

Anyone can grow seeds into healthy plants with the right process and supplies. You don’t need to be born with a “green thumb.” You just need to provide the conditions in which seeds are already naturally programmed to grow. Supplies…

Seedy Saturday

What is seedy saturday? Learn all about seed swaps! | home for the harvest

Seed swaps are annual community events at which gardeners trade (and sometimes purchase) plant seeds from other local gardeners and farmers. Nicknamed Seedy Saturday, these events generally take place from January to March each year at a local community center. Seedy Saturday (or Seedy…


Permaculture basics

Ready to dive into learning about permaculture and permaculture principles? If you’re already an organic gardener and are looking for more advanced information and techniques, permaculture may be for you. This page will help you start your own permaculture garden…