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Vegetable gardening, including planting seeds for veggie crops, choosing seedling plants for the outdoor garden, and growing vegetables in small-space gardens.

Woman holding pumpkin with other pumpkins on bench beside her

Pumpkin species

Pumpkin species belong to the genus Cucurbita. There are five species that are commonly referred…

Moranga pumpkin

Moranga pumpkins are best known for their pinky-orange peel color, but this cultivar is also…

Queensland blue pumpkin on vine

Queensland Blue pumpkin

The Queensland Blue pumpkin is a specialty pumpkin variety known for its striking slate-like blue-green…

Iceberg lettuce on wood cutting board

Iceberg lettuce

One of the most widely used lettuce varieties around the world (and certainly in my…

Butter king lettuce

Butter King lettuce

Butter King lettuce is a cultivar of butterhead lettuce known for its rounded, succulent, sweet-tasting…

Blossom end rot on tomatoes

Blossom end rot

As a gardener, I know how frustrating it can be to spend months tending to…