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Landscaping, including landscape plants like trees and shrubs, as well as lawns and ornamental plants.

Lavender plants in new garden bed surrounded by organic mulch and a small stone wall

Organic mulch

Organic mulch is a biodegradable material used to cover a garden’s soil surface. It’s biodegradable.…

Shrubs for shade

20+ shrubs for shade

Choosing appropriate shrubs for shade gardens and low-light spots is key to creating a vibrant…

Clematis flower

How to grow vines

Wondering how to grow vines? These versatile, eye-catching plants can add color, fragrance, and even…

Backyard willow tree

How to grow trees

Learning how to grow trees provides us with oxygen, shade, and beauty, and also supports…

Shrubs in front of house

How to grow shrubs

The presence of thriving, vibrant shrubs often enhances the charm of a garden. These woody…

Lawn - turf grass

How to grow a lawn

Dreaming of a lush, green lawn? Achieving a beautiful and healthy lawn is not a…

Various ground covers

Ground cover plants

Ground cover plants are low-growing species that can beautifully decorate the spaces between stepping stones,…

Garden pests

Garden pests

My journey in the garden has been wonderful but not without its challenges. As a…