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Growing plants indoors as indoor food gardens or for natural living decor. This includes kitchen herb gardens, smart gardens, hydroponic setups, and houseplants including succulents, low-light indoor ornamental plants, air-filtering houseplants, and flowering houseplants.

Mary jane duford holding mossify mister for houseplants - gardening blog

Mossify Mistr

The Mossify Mistr is an electric plant mister spray bottle for houseplants. I’ve been using…

Monstera leaves showing fenestrations

How to grow monstera

Wondering how to grow Monstera plants? Here’s the essential information, ideal growing conditions, propagation techniques,…

Tuberous begonia non stop white

How to grow begonias

Welcome to the versatile and vibrant world of begonias! These beautiful plants offer a wide…

Planting a succulent

How to grow succulents

Wondering how to grow succulents? If you’re looking for beginner-friendly and low-maintenance plants to start…

Shamrock plant

Shamrock plant

Shamrock plants, scientifically members of the Oxalis genus, are known for their clover-like, colorful leaves.…

How to grow pothos

How to grow pothos

An easy-care indoor plant collection is incomplete without a pothos. These tropical vines, known for…

Soltech aspect pendant light in front of houseplant shelf

Pendant grow light

Bring nature into your home without sacrificing style with a functional pendant grow light. The…