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Flower garden tips and tutorials, including how to put together beautiful blooming flower beds, growing perennials and annuals in the garden, and how-to’s for growing specific flowers.

Planting peony roots

Planting peony roots

Planting peony roots usually occurs in the fall or early spring. Before planting, soak the…

How to grow roses

How to grow roses

Growing roses offers the dual reward of vibrant blooms paired with lovely fragrances. But these…

White daffodils in garden

How to grow daffodils

Ah, daffodils! These cheerful flowers are the embodiment of spring’s arrival, brightening our gardens with…

Pink clematis flowers

How to grow clematis

Clematis is a gorgeous flowering vine for cottage gardens and welcoming landscapes. There is a…

Alliums in garden

How to grow alliums

This comprehensive guide on how to grow alliums will walk you through the captivating world…

Galanthus woronowii flower

Galanthus woronowii

Galanthus woronowii, also called “green snowdrop” or “Woronow’s snowdrop”, is a popular snowdrop variety with…

Fall mums

15 fall flowers

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, many gardeners start packing…