Mary Jane Duford

Mary Jane Duford

Mary Jane Duford is a gardening expert and founder of Home for the Harvest. She's also an engineer and certified permaculture garden designer. Mary Jane has been featured by publications such as Real Simple, Mother Earth News, Homes & Gardens, Heirloom Gardener, and Family Handyman.

How to start a gardening blog

how to start a gardening blog

Thinking of having your own garden blog? Let me be the first to encourage you to start! Starting a gardening blog has been a transformative experience for many other online garden writers I work with and for me. It’s so…

How to save watermelon seeds

seperate out the good seeds from the bad seeds

Wondering how to save watermelon seeds? These warm-weather fruits are easy and fun to save seeds from! To save watermelon seeds, start by growing an open-pollinated variety of watermelon. Choose 5-10 ripe watermelons to save seeds from. Collect the seeds…

How to save basil seeds

how to save basil seeds

Wondering how to save basil seeds? These tiny seeds are easy to grow at home. Start with an open-pollinated basil variety like classic Genovese basil. Let the plants flower and grow seed pods as the flowers age. When the seed…

How to save marigold seeds

marigold flower turning into seed pod

Wondering how to save marigold seeds? Fortunately, these cheerful flowers are very easy to collect seeds from! Marigold flowers develop seeds about four weeks after flowering. Instead of deadheading the plants after they bloom, leave the flowers on the plant…

10 pollinator garden ideas

pollinator garden ideas

Looking to plant your own pollinator garden but not sure where to start? Here are a few simple tips to get you started and to inspire you as you make your own garden to attract native pollinators. Those native pollinators…

10 strawberry garden ideas

strawberry garden ideas

If your strawberry garden needs some innovation, try some of these fun strawberry garden ideas. Implement a DIY vertical planter or add some variety to your strawberry patch with different species. Check out these easy and useful strawberry planter ideas!…