29+ gifts for gardeners

The best gifts for gardeners include useful garden tools and supplies that stand the test of time, as well as thoughtful accessories and fun gardening swag. Beginners and experienced gardeners alike appreciate high-quality gifts that are effective in helping them grow and tend healthy plants. These gardening gifts can be enjoyed for years to come.

Gardening gifts collage - home for the harvest

Top: Botanical Interests Tote, Haws Watering Can, Potted Olive Tree

Middle: Original Hunter Boots, Felco F2 Pruners, Carhartt Watch Hat

Bottom: Floral Garden Gloves, Tall Ceramic Vase, Wooden Harvest Hod

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for gardeners so you can give the perfect present to the plant lover in your life! Many of these gift ideas include both luxury brands and affordable gardening tools so that you can find the best gift for your gardener.

The best gifts for gardeners are ones they’ll use…and here’s what they really want.

High-quality metal watering can - gifts for gardeners | home for the harvest gardening blog

1. Heirloom-quality metal watering can

A well-made metal watering can is a perfect present. They probably already have some sort of watering can, but most are not well-made and/or easy to use.

Even if they have a good one, it’s nice to have a few, both indoors and out, so an extra one will be very welcome. If I had another one, I’d use it to hold flowers on the front porch!

It’s surprisingly hard to find a sturdy, pretty can that can support the weight of water when full. Look for a well-built container with strong handles. The handles should be easy to grip, not thin and flimsy.

I chose the can above because the whole container is made of metal (not plastic) and the handles are wooden (warmer to grasp in cool weather). When I’m not using it for watering, it makes a lovely container for a freeform floral arrangement.

My favorite watering can maker is Haws, who made the watering can in the photo above. Haws watering cans are absolutely lovely…they’re a total classic gardening gift idea!

2. Japanese garden knife (Hori-Hori)

The Japanese Garden Knife (Hori-Hori) is this decade’s new must-have garden tool. Called a hori-hori (which means dig-dig), this digging knife is incredibly useful for home gardeners.

3. Online gardening course

There are now some amazing online gardening courses available. There are courses about growing vegetables, arranging flowers, cooking with fresh produce, and making your own skincare products.

Most course providers have gift certificate programs set up specifically so that their courses or subscriptions can be given as gifts.

Here is a giant list of online courses for plant lovers.

The best gifts for gardeners are ones they'll use forever! These harvest baskets, classic watering cans, and other high-quality garden goods are the best gifts for gardeners on your list! #bestgiftsforgardeners #giftsforgardeners #gardengifts #gardengiftguide

4. Garden hod harvest basket

A sturdy harvest basket will get lots of use throughout the season for carrying garden tools, supplies, and harvested produce.

Many baskets are made of wire, others are made of wood, and some are a combination of the two. Harvest baskets make some of the best gifts for gardeners. I’ve loved the ones I’ve received and still use them all.

I love both the classic Maine garden hod and my wire wash basket for harvesting from my garden. They hold both small and large produce while also serving as a field wash station.

5. English wooden garden trug

Wooden garden trugs are also a lovely option for the classic garden lover. They’re especially good for collecting cut flowers from the garden.

6. “From The Garden Of” stamp

The newly popular “From The Garden Of” stamps are like the gardener’s version of the personalized tags our grandmas sewed into our sweaters – but for gifted plants, veggies, and flowers. Be sure to order early to get a personalized version, or choose a generic stamp so it can be shared among family members or plant friends.

7. Happy houseplant

Happy & healthy houseplants can cheer up the coldest of winter days. While gardeners flock outdoors in the springtime, indoor plants are all we’ve got during the winter months!

8. Potted flowering Plant

A container flower garden for indoors is another wonderful way to brighten things up. From flowering bulbs to flowering houseplants and classics like orchids, there are lots of options available. There are even some cactus plants that flower!

Floral scissors - gardening presents | home for the harvest

9. Garden scissors

Floral scissors are gorgeous, useful gifts for gardeners. They’re not too expensive but they last a long time.

Many pairs are handmade in Asia, the same way that they’ve been made for centuries. Floral scissors are one of the best gifts for gardeners who love to grow and arrange cut flowers.

I’ve purchased beautiful floral scissors from Lee Valley before but they’re also available online and at most garden and floral shops.

10. Floral snips

Floral snips are like tiny garden scissors that are mainly used when working with flowers or harvesting a few fresh herbs from the herb garden for dinner.

High-quality pruning shears - gifts for gardeners | home for the harvest gardening blog

11. Top-of-the-line pruning shears

Pruning shears, also called secateurs, are a staple item in the garden. The well-made ones make wonderful gifts for gardeners.

I have 3 pairs of pruning shears, each with a different home. It’s nice to have an indoor pair, a pair in your garden utility area, and a pair hanging out by the garden. I’d like to have another pair in my truck if I could!

Like kitchen knives, there is a wide range of quality in pruning shears. Many gardeners consider pruners made by Felco to be top-of-the-line. Felco pruners can be recognized by their bright red handles. They are pricey, often costing about $50+ a pair…but they’ll last forever. Felco pruners are one of the best gifts for gardeners out there (I know they’re on my list!).

My favorite pruning shears for indoors (and for plant photography) are my Japanese shears. The blades are beautiful, each made from a single piece of steel. I also love the simple hinge in the middle. They are a work of art. They’re also expensive but make a lovely gift. They can be ordered online.

I also really like my Fiskars pruners. They’re much more reasonably priced and have withstood more than I could have asked from them. It’s always nice to have different pairs of pruners around the house, potting shed, patio, and vehicles, so having a few different types is a bonus.

12. A better hand trowel

Your gardening friends and family already have garden trowels. But they might not have one they really love (or one for the potting shed, plus one for the patio, et cetera).

13. Silly pet planter pot

Pet planter pots are perfect for new plant babies that come in less-than-interesting plastic nursery pots. Animal-shaped planters are adorable! You can find lots of funny-shaped little plant pots for the windowsill, desk, or kitchen table at plant shops and online.

Rubber gardening boots - great products to give to the gardener you love | home for the harvest

14. Rubber boots or garden clogs

Many gardeners pretty much live in their rubber boots or other mud-friendly footwear. I have 3 pairs of waterproof boots…two pairs of classic Hunter Boots and one pair of L.L. Bean Boots. All of them get near-daily wear in the garden.

I keep one set by each doorway…but they seem to migrate. Neoprene-lined rubber gumboots (like Muck Boots) are also a great choice. They can also be a warmer option for the shoulder seasons in colder climates.

If you know your recipient’s shoe size and (feel comfortable that you know their style), rubber boots can be an amazing gift for a gardener. A gardener can never have too many…they’ll be in steady rotation all year. I wish I had a pair by each door (and a pair in the truck!).

15. Harvesting bag

A harvesting bag is a cross-body bag that can be worn while you’re cutting flowers in a meadow or kale from the garden. They’re generally made of waxed cotton or other durable natural materials.

Succulent bowl - a gift for your favourite gardener | home for the harvest

16. Succulent bowl or terrarium

If you’re a crafty type of gift-giver, a DIY succulent bowl or terrarium can be a lovely gift. Succulents are low-maintenance indoor plants that are perfect for bringing a bit of life into the recipient’s home.

To make an open bowl or terrarium, first, you’ll need to find supplies. A nice glass container is a great starting point. After that, you’ll need a few succulents or air plants and perhaps some sand to complete the look. With a little bit of assembly, you’ll have the perfect homemade gift for a garden lover! You can learn how to plant your own succulent bowl here.

Gardening aprons - gifts for gardeners | home for the harvest garden blog

17. Utility gardening apron

A great utility gardening apron is a must for a gardener. I use my apron indoors while planting seeds for seed-starting and outside for carrying garden supplies.

I don’t carry anything too heavy, so I use a chambray linen apron. There are lots of beautiful linen aprons online. More robust alternatives include canvas and waxed canvas. You can also get personalized garden aprons too…so cute!

18. Glow & grow candle planters

Glow & Grow Candles are this year’s on-trend gardening gift. As the name suggests, these are candles that can be repurposed into tiny container gardens once the candle is burnt out. The candle’s container is designed to be a planter pot and usually also includes seeds and potting mix.

19. Gardening gloves

If you’re considering giving protective clothing but aren’t sure about what size/fashion your recipient would like, gardening gloves are a nice option.

You can never have enough gardening gloves. I keep 6 pairs in a steady rotation. My gloves get washed after each wear because they get wet and/or muddy while I’m outside. If I head out to the garden a few times each day, the number of gloves really adds up!

Stretchy gardening gloves are my favorite. They are made of stretchy fabric with the palm and fingers dipped in a waterproof rubbery material.

These kinds of gloves offer a good grip and keep their shape well. Just make sure you pick a color that the recipient likes! I use both Gardena Garden Gloves and Digz Garden Gloves.

20. Blundstone boots

Blundstone boots are another must-have for the garden. They’re sure to get year-round use. If your garden lover doesn’t already have a pair, now is the time!

List of gardening books | the best books for an organic gardener | from home for the harvest | www. Homefortheharvest. Com

21. Gardening books

Gardening books are the perfect retreat during the winter months. Many gardeners spend January-March planning out their gardens for the upcoming season. Why not surprise the gardener in your life with a new book to keep them going through garden planning season?

Here are some of my favorite gardening books if you’re looking for more inspiration! Gardening books can be some of the best gifts for gardeners as they can be enjoyed at any time of year.

You can also do an e-book if you’re tight on time. Amazon allows you to schedule ebook delivery to the recipient at a specific date and time, accompanied by your personalized message. The recipient can then download and read the ebook.

22. Bat house

Bat houses are becoming more and more common as gardeners look for chemical-free ways to rid their outdoor areas of mosquitos. These little wooden houses are often occupied within weeks! And the bats happen to eat flies, moths, and gnats too.

23. Newspaper plant pot makers

Newspaper plant pot makers or presses are another must-have garden accessory lately. These nifty little wooden devices help you mold newspaper into the shape of a plant pot. You don’t have to buy the little plastic cell seedling trays or worry about recycling plastics.

24. Delivered container garden

Some online florists offer living plants or whole container gardens that can be gifted remotely. Most flower shops have some pretty options for pre-made living plant arrangements that can be delivered to your recipient’s area.

The best hand tools, useful gardening clothes and high-quality gardening gear | home for the harvest

25. Garden hand tools

A nice set of hand tools will make your gardener’s day-to-day tasks SO much more enjoyable. Hand tools are among the best gifts for gardeners. The most important hand tool is a great handheld garden trowel. A garden cultivator (tiny rake, like the one pictured above) is also key.

High-quality gardening tools will save your favorite gardener from many headaches (and repeat trips to the hardware store). There is a range of quality tools available. Choose a beautiful trowel for indoor gardening or make a gardening travel kit for your favorite gardener’s car or community garden plot.

Does your gardener already have basic tools? Here’s a list of some less-common garden tools that might give you some ideas beyond trowels and cultivators.

26. Fresh produce

Some gardeners really miss having fresh, specialty produce in the seasons when their plants are less than productive. Others love to try different varieties of fruit and veggies so they can choose which seeds to buy and which fruit trees to invest in.

27. Garden-themed Christmas tree ornaments

There are some pretty darn cute Christmas tree ornaments out there for garden lovers! Whether it’s a tiny pair of rubber boots, a watering can, or a favorite plant, there’s probably an ornament out there.

Gorgeous gardening tools - perfect gifts for garden lovers | home for the harvest

More gifts for gardeners

Here are some quick ideas for gardening gifts in different price ranges:

  • Garden Kneeler Cushion
  • Hedge Fund Piggy Bank
  • Planting Ruler
  • Mushroom Harvesting Knife
  • Edible Flower Kit
  • Rose Pruning Gloves
  • Garden Cart
  • Copper Indoor Watering Can
  • Lawn Tractor/ATV Garden Trailer

More gardening gifts

Check out more gardening gifts on Pinterest!

Even more ideas:

  • Gift certificate for garden seeds that they’ll be ordering the day after Christmas
  • Personalized welcome sign for their garden
  • Bird feeder to attract pollinating birds and pest-eating birds
  • Corn broom
  • Women’s Hunter Garden Clogs
  • Pretty Planters
  • Vases for fresh cut flowers
  • French Floral Bucket
  • Membership in the local botanical garden
  • Garden tower
  • Pickling crock
  • Raised bed set
  • Wooden tomato cage (decorative obelisk)
  • Bat House
  • Mason bee house/solitary bee hive
  • Birdbath
  • Terrain fabric flower tote
  • Garden Journal
  • Plant pun planter pots
  • Plant Lady T-shirt
  • Rain gauge
  • Hummingbird feeder
  • Plant Frame Shelf
  • Hummingbird swing
  • Microgreens growing kit
  • Local honey
  • Plant-based skincare or makeup
  • Floral coloring book


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