Mary Jane Duford

Mary Jane Duford

Mary Jane Duford is a quintessential Canadian gardener. An engineer by trade, she tends to an ever-expanding collection of plants. In her world, laughter blooms as freely as her flowers, and every plant is raised with a dash of Canadian grit. Mary Jane is a certified Master Gardener and also holds a Permaculture Design Certificate. She's also a proud mom of three, teaching her little sprouts the crucial difference between a garden friend and foe. When she's not playing in the dirt, Mary Jane revels in her love for Taylor Swift, Gilmore Girls, ice hockey, and the surprisingly soothing sounds of bluegrass covers of classic hip-hop songs. She invites you to join her garden party, a place where you can share in the joy of growing and where every day is a new opportunity to find the perfect spot for yet another plant.

Where to buy wheatgrass seeds

Wheatgrass seeds

Growing your own wheatgrass is too easy NOT to do! Here’s where to buy wheatgrass seeds so you can get started growing your own wheatgrass. Options for where to buy wheatgrass seeds The following seed companies offer high-quality wheatgrass seeds:…

Best grass seed

Grass growing from seed | home for the harvest gardening blog

After five years of seeding and reseeding various lawns, I’ve had the best grass seed results with plain, fresh, perennial grass seed mixes without any filler ingredients. Usually, the newest and best-performing cultivars are sold by the big producers. In…

Earth Day tips

Earth day tips 6

Happy Earth Day! Try a few of these Earth Day tips to celebrate the holiday this year. Here’s how to improve your home, office, yard, and commute. Pick a few of these ideas and share the tips with your friends…

Lawn care

Turf grass sod lawn - established - after installation

Proper lawn care can turn your turf into the envy of the neighborhood or the perfect playfield for your kids! Here’s how to grow healthy grass that can withstand pests, weeds, and drought. Lawn care basics General lawn care &…

Landscaping tips

Traditional landscaping with a yew hedge, lavender shrubs, and dark mulch

It’s time to love your garden! Landscaping is not limited to parks and estates. Every residential home can benefit from a thoughtful yard design and garden layout. Here’s how to create your own plan with landscaping tips to get started…

Wreath supplies

Wreath supplies including red berries, floral wire, and wreath form

Wreaths are easy to make when you’ve got the right wreath supplies! Here are the basic materials you’ll need for wreath-making (in any season). Wreath supply materials list TIP: Basic wreath-making supplies like frames/forms and floral wire are in high…

Types of seeds

Different types of seeds on farmhouse table

There are many different types of seeds offered for sale to home gardeners. Vegetable seeds, flower seeds, and herb seeds sold in garden centers and online can carry many labels, including “Open-Pollinated”, “Heirloom”, “Organic”, “Hybrid”, and “Non-GMO”. Read on to…


Black mulch and compost comparison

Mulch is the layer of material that sits on top of the bare mineral-based soil in your yard. The term is generally applied to plant-based landscaping materials applied to manicured landscapes. While the most memorable example of mulch is perhaps…

5 wood privacy fence ideas

Wooden privacy fence around residential backyard

A privacy fence made of solid wood panels can turn an urban backyard into a private outdoor oasis. Just as curtains make your living room feel less like a fishbowl, a wooden fence can make your yard feel like an…

10 ideas for hanging plants

Hanging plant in macrame plant holder

Here are some fresh new ideas for hanging plants and indoor hanging planters you’ll love. Whether you’re looking for traditional hanging planter options or totally unconventional hanging plant holders, there’s something perfect for every type of hanging plant. 1. Kokedama…

How to make a round concrete table top

Modern patio furniture on grey wooden deck with glass door and umbrella

Am I the only one dreaming of patio furniture that’s WAY outside the budget!? We are remodeling the new sundeck at my folks’ newly-renovated mid-century modern rancher. After realizing that the round dining table my mom wanted was crazy expensive,…