AeroGarden vs Click and Grow

Considering AeroGarden vs Click and Grow, small AeroGarden models tend to be more affordable than entry-level Click & Grow models while prices for mid-range models are similar. With a clean-cut design, Click and Grow smart gardens are easier to use, while gear-heavy AeroGardens offer a wider range of features.

AeroGardens use about 2-3x more power than Click & Grow gardens, but they include brighter plant lights and an internal water pump. Prices for refill plant pod packages are similar, with Click & Grow pods tending to be cheaper at the regular price, while AeroGarden pods are more often on sale for a discount.

Aerogarden vs Click and Grow

AreoGarden and Click & Grow are both leading smart garden brands. Both brands offer a line of indoor gardens ranging from small 3-pod models up to larger “farm” models that can grow several dozen plants at once. Both hydroponic systems do not use GMO seeds and are free from pesticides and other chemicals. Both brands use LED lighting systems on automated 24-hour cycles. Both are available from the manufacturer, in stores, and online on Amazon.

The most popular AeroGarden model is the AeroGarden Harvest. This model holds six plant pods, has a plate of LED plant lights, and includes a pump inside the water reservoir which runs intermittently. The AeroGarden Harvest is usually priced at about $130 to $170 depending on optional features. This model includes a mixed herb garden kit. Here is my detailed AeroGarden review.

The most popular Click & Grow model is the Smart Garden 3. This model holds 3 plant pods, has 3 individual plant lights, and uses a passive wicking system to water the plants instead of a pump. The Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 is usually priced at about $140 USD. This model comes with 3 basil plant pods. Here is my detailed Click and Grow review. And you can use my promo code HHARVEST for 15% off your purchase.

Purchase price comparison

Both AeroGarden and Click & Grow have a full line of indoor smart garden kits ranging from small countertop models to larger floor models. Here is a summary of the prices by smart garden model:

AeroGarden Models

Price per plant slot: ~$28-$68 (varies)

Click & Grow Models

Price per plant slot: ~$22-$57 (varies)

The cheapest model available is the AeroGarden Sprout at just under $100 USD. The most popular models are the AeroGarden Harvest and the Click & Grow Smart Garden 3. The AeroGarden Bounty and the Click & Grow 9 PRO are becoming more popular as indoor gardeners look to upsize and add app connectivity while still opting for a size that will fit on the kitchen counter.

At the plant slot capacities above, it’s unlikely that a single unit will produce enough yield to feed a family each day. That said, these gardens are generally used more to grow plants like herbs that are used only in small amounts and simply for the joy and educational value of growing your own food indoors in whatever amount makes sense in your space.

Plant pod price comparison

Both AeroGarden and Click & Grow offer a range of pre-seeded plant pods. AeroGarden tends to sell pods in mixed variety packs while Click & Grow sells individual types of plant pods. The AeroGarden line includes 20+ different standard variety packs plus the option to order custom mixes. The Click and Grow line currently includes 70+ different types of plant pods plus the option for a customizable subscription.

AeroGarden Plant Pods

Price Per Pod: $1.91-$4.65

Click & Grow Plant Pods

Price Per Pod: $1.85-$3.32

AeroGarden regularly offers sales on their seed pods on their website. Click and Grow also sometimes has sales, or you can use my click and grow discount code HHARVEST for 15% off. Here is a detailed list of Click & Grow Pods and a detailed list of AeroGarden Seed Pod Kits.

Aerogarden and click and grow both growing tomatoes
The aerogarden and click and grow are both growing tomatoes. The plants in the c&g are much more compact.
Grow anything plant pods for click and grow

Available plant pods

AeroGarden and Click & Grow offer a similar range of plants, but they package them in different ways. Both brands include a wide range of herbs, leafy greens, fruiting vegetables like cherry tomatoes and small peppers, and flowers/ornamental plants. Both brands also offer blank “grow anything” empty seed kit pods so you can add your own seeds if you like.

In general, AeroGarden is a better pick if you’d like to grow lots of different plants at once, while Click & Grow’s system is better if you prefer to grow one kind of specialty plant at a time. AeroGarden pods are usually packaged in variety packs called seed kits, with the exception of popular pods like basil, mini tomatoes, and lettuce. Click & Grow makes it easier to order individual types like Italian Kale Pods or Red Hot Chili Pepper Pods, but it can be expensive to grow lots of different specific plants at the same time without a larger initial investment. That said, they do have mixed salad greens, herb garden kits, vegetables, and flower packs available for 9-Pod packs and up.

Here are some popular plant pods for each garden system:

Click & Grow’s plants are easy to transplant into a container or outdoor garden once they have outgrown the smart garden. AeroGarden’s plants can also be transplanted, but tend not to do so as easily because the pod size is quite skinny and the roots extend out into the water reservoir and tend to become damaged while removing the plastic part of the pod.

Aerogarden compared to click and grow smart gardens on kitchen counter

Appearance: AeroGarden vs Click and Grow

While AeroGardens and Click & Grow smart gardens are similarly sized, they differ quite a bit in appearance. AeroGardens have more of a “technical gear” look with buttons, LED light plates, different available finishes (black, white, stainless), and an option for a screen or control panel. Click & Grow gardens have a minimalist design aesthetic with simple lines and no buttons/screens.

Setup of AeroGardens is a bit more complex than the setup of Click & Grow smart gardens. AeroGardens have the additional pump piece and the water tank also separates from the base and lamp arm. The smaller Click & Grow smart gardens are fully assembled straight out of the box. Both systems offer replacement parts if any components of your system get damaged.

Watering plants growing in smart gardens

AeroGardens and Click & Grow smart gardens both have a water tank at the base of the garden. The key difference between the two systems is that AeroGardens have a small pump contained within the water reservoir while Click & Grow gardens don’t have a pump as they use a passive wicking system to water the pods. AeroGardens have the benefit of aerating and adding oxygen to the water while Click and Grow gardens have the advantage of fewer moving parts and no operating noise.

Having used both systems simultaneously, I can say that they both work quite well. The pump in the AeroGarden watering system does make a bit of noise but it can also remind you to check on your plants and observe their growth. The lack of a pump in the Click & Grow helps it blend right into your space with minimal disruption.

In my experience, both systems stay remarkably clean within the water tank during the ~3-month growing time whether the system has a pump or not (assuming you’re using clean fresh water). The water reservoir in the Click & Grow is easier to clean than the AeroGarden water reservoir, simply because the AeroGarden has extra pump parts to clean.

Aerogarden fertilizer
Aerogarden liquid nutrient fertilizer plant food

Smart garden fertilizer

AeroGardens use added liquid fertilizer while Click & Grow smart gardens have slow-release fertilizer incorporated into their plant pods. Plants growing in AeroGardens are fed biweekly with the liquid plant food included with the plant pods. Click & Grow gardens require no added fertilizer as the nutrients are already in the “smart soil”.

Smart garden noise comparison

The AeroGarden makes a quiet bubbling noise whenever the water pump runs while the Click & Grow is completely silent as it doesn’t have a pump. The AeroGarden pump runs for a few minutes intermittently throughout the day. Different models have different pump frequencies. The popular Harvest model runs on a half-hour cycle where the pump is on for 5 minutes and then turns off for 25 minutes. The sound coming from the pump is mainly the sound of bubbling water rather than a mechanical pump noise.

LED plant lights: AeroGarden vs Click & Grow

AeroGardens and Click & Grow smart gardens both have LED plant lights. Both gardens have a built-in timer for the lights and a light stand arm with adjustable height. The Click & Grow lights are bright while the AeroGarden lights are very bright. The Click & Grow lights tend to be a warmer tone whereas the AeroGarden lights are a cooler tone.

Click & Grow plant lights run on a standard built-in cycle of 16 hours on and 8 hours off. The schedule on higher-end models can be customized using the connected app. AeroGarden LED grows lights run on a standard built-in cycle of 15 hours on and 9 hours off (which can also be customized using the app on higher-end models).

Electricity consumption per smart garden

Both AeroGardens and Click & Grow smart gardens have quite small power consumption amounts. AeroGardens tend to use about 2-3x more watts of electrical power than Click & Grow gardens because the LED lamps are more intense and the AeroGarden models use an electric water pump. The usage also depends on the countertop garden’s extra features and the schedule of the lights.

AeroGarden power Usage

  • Sprout 3-Pod: 13W, 6.0 kWh/month
  • Harvest 6-Pod: 23W, 10.7 kWh/month
  • Bounty 9-Pod: 48 W, 22.3 kWh/month
  • uFarm: 126W, 58.6 kWh/month

Click & Grow Power Usage

  • Smart Garden 3: 8W, 3.8 kWh/month
  • Smart Garden 9: 13W, 6.2 kWh/month
  • Wall Farm: 110W, 53 kWh/month

The average price of residential electricity in the USA in November 2021 was about 14 cents per kWh (source: US Energy Information Association). At this price, the popular AeroGarden Harvest will cost about $1.50 USD/month to run, while the popular Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 will cost about $0.53 USD/month to run. The AeroGarden will likely use about three times as much electricity as the Click & Grow, but the overall monthly cost of both models is quite low.

App control

Both AeroGarden and Click and Grow offer an app, but the app only controls high-end models. The apps are mainly used to customize daily off/on schedules, get reminders to add water, and give info about the crops being grown.

Social media

Both AeroGarden and Click & Grow are quite active on social media, including on Instagram, YouTube, and in Facebook Groups. Here are a few of the places you can find them online:

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