Click and Grow pods

Click and Grow pods are small cylindrical potting soil capsules that contain plant seeds and fertilizer. These pre-seeded pods are available in a number of different plants, including basil, cilantro, lettuce, kale, tomato, peppers, strawberries, petunias, and even lavender. There are also blank “Grow Anything” pods available.

Each individual pod costs about $3-$4 dollars. And you can use my promo code HHARVEST for 15% off your pods!

Click and grow pod - up close

Click and Grow pod basics

Click and Grow pods are cylinder-shaped inserts made of a growing medium that also contains seeds and mineral nutrients. The soil pods are made of “Smart Soil”, which is mainly a mix of peat moss and coconut coir (source: Click & Grow). The plant capsules have been formulated with NASA technology to provide water, oxygen, and nutrients to plant roots in a contained manner for indoor growing. These proprietary plant pods are unique to the Click And Grow system.

In addition to the growing medium, the plant pod plugs also contain a mineral fertilizer within the potting mix/growing medium, as well as seeds (except in the case of the empty “Grow Anything Indoors” capsules, which you can fill with your own seeds). Each seed pod for these indoor gardens tends to contain about 3-5 seeds. Click & Grow Plant Pods are free from herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and other harmful substances.

Click and grow pods
Click & grow offers 70+ different plant pods (photo from click & grow)

Types of Click and Grow pods

There are 70+ different types of Click and Grow pods available. There’s everything from culinary herbs, leafy greens, ornamental flowers, tea, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and even ornamental ferns. If you want to grow anything not offered in a plant pod, you can opt for the empty soil pods (Grow Anything Pods).

Below is a big list of the plants you can grow and harvest in the Click & Grow Smart Garden.

Rosemary capsule
Rosemary plant pod (photo from click & grow)

Culinary herb Click and Grow pods

There are 22 different herb plant pods available for the Click and Grow. Don’t forget my code HHARVEST for 15% off your pods!

  1. Basil Pods
  2. Dwarf Basil Pods
  3. Holy Basil Pods
  4. Thai Basil Pods
  5. Lemon Basil Pods
  6. Cinnamon Basil Pods
  7. Red Basil Pods
  8. Cilantro Pods
  9. Italian Parsley Pods
  10. Curly Parsley Pods
  11. Peppermint Pods
  12. Apple Mint Pods
  13. Lemon Balm Pods
  14. Catnip Pods
  15. Thyme Pods
  16. Marjoram Pods
  17. Rosemary Pods
  18. Oregano Pods
  19. Savory Pods
  20. Chive Pods
  21. Sage Pods
  22. Dill Pods

Check current availability of herb plant pods from Click & Grow.

Romaine lettuce plant pod
Romaine lettuce plant pod (photo from click & grow)

Leafy green Click and Grow pods

There are 22 different leafy green plant pods for the Click and Grow Smart Garden:

  1. Green Lettuce Pods
  2. Red Lettuce Pods
  3. Oakleaf Lettuce Pods
  4. Romaine Lettuce Pods
  5. Italian Kale Pods
  6. Green Kale Pods
  7. Red Kale Pods
  8. Rainbow Chard Pods
  9. Green Chard Pods
  10. Red Chard Pods
  11. Arugula Pods
  12. Garden Cress Pods
  13. Leaf Radish Pods
  14. Pak Choi Pods
  15. Red Pak Choi Pods
  16. Shungiku Pods
  17. Mibuna Pods
  18. Green Sorrel Pods
  19. Bloody Sorrel Pods
  20. Leaf Mustard Pods
  21. Red Frill Mustard Pods
  22. Wasabi Mustard Green Pods
Yellow sweet pepper capsule
Yellow sweet pepper plant pod (photo from click & grow)

Fruit & vegetable Click and Grow pods

There are 11 fruit and vegetable plant pods available for the Click and Grow:

  1. Mini Tomato Pods
  2. Yellow Mini Tomato Pods
  3. Chili Pepper Pods
  4. Red Hot Chili Pepper Pods
  5. Piri Piri Chili Pepper Pods
  6. Purple Chili Pepper Pods
  7. Yellow Chili Pepper Pods
  8. Red Sweet Pepper Pods
  9. Yellow Sweet Pepper Pods
  10. Dwarf Pea Pods
  11. Wild Strawberry Pods
Click and grow plant pods stacked up
There are almost 20 different ornamental plants you can grow in these smart gardens (photo from click & grow)

Flowers & ornamental plant pods for Click and Grow

There are 19 flowers and ornamental plants available to grow in the Click & Grow garden with pre-packaged plant pods:

  1. Petunia Pods
  2. Pink Petunia Pods
  3. Blue Petunia Pods
  4. Red Pansy Pods
  5. Black Pansy Pods – see my black pansy click and grow guide
  6. Lavender Pods
  7. Calendula Pods
  8. Celosia Pods
  9. Cornflower Pods
  10. Busy Lizzie Pods
  11. Coleus Pods
  12. White Snapdragon Pods
  13. Lace Fern Pods
  14. Polka Dot Plant Pods
  15. Hyssop Pods
  16. Moss Rose Pods
  17. Dusty Miller Pods
  18. Sweet Alyssum Pods
  19. Ornamental Grass Pods

Altogether, there are currently 70+ different pre-seeded plant pods offered by Click & Grow for their Smart Gardens (as of 2022).

Strawberry seed pods for click and grow

Cost of Click and Grow pods

Click and Grow Pods are sold in 3-Pod Packs or 9-Pod Packs. A 3-Pod Pack costs between $9.95 – $12.95 USD (see prices). A 9-Pod Pack costs between $23.95 – $29.95 USD (see prices). In general, the seeds for fruiting plants like tomatoes and peppers cost more than the pods for leafy greens.

Click and Grow also offers Mix Packs which combine different types of seed pods into one pack. The Mix Pack kits come in 9-Pod Mix Packs or 54-Pod Mix Packs. There’s everything from salad greens to fresh herb blends, veggies, and even hot pepper packs. The 9-Packs cost between $23.95 – $29.95 USD (see prices) and the 54-Packs cost between $99.95 – $129.95 USD (see prices). Here are some popular Mix Packs and their prices:

Click and grow plant pod in cup
Click and grow tomato pods

Setting up plant pods in a Click and Grow garden

Setup of the plant pods is easy in a Click & Grow Garden. Start by removing a cylinder-shaped plug of smart soil from the package. There will be a small indentation/hole in the top of the soil where the seeds are resting. Place the soil pod into a white plastic cup. Then, place the white plastic cup into a hole in the top deck of the garden below the grow lights/LED light system arm. Add the rest of the pods to their own white cups and then fill up the water reservoir/water tank.

Click and grow pod - for smart garden
(photo from click & grow)
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