20 yellow dahlia varieties

If you’re looking for a cheerful splash of color in your garden, consider planting yellow dahlias. These blooms are sure to brighten up any space, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Plus, they’re easy to care for, so you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty all season long. Keep reading to learn more about the best yellow dahlia flowers!

1. Kelvin Floodlight dahlia

Dahlia ‘Kelvin Floodlight’ is a very popular dinner plate dahlia variety with golden-yellow petals. These blooms grow 10″ wide with beautiful pointed petals. The heavy blooms of this variety mean that this plant requires staking, but it’s still a favorite to grow.

The Kelvin Floodlight dahlia is classified as a Formal Decorative Giant-type dahlia with yellow petals. Kelvin Floodlight is given the classification number 0002 (see the National Dahlia Society Classification Guide).

Different types of yellow dahlia plants at the garden center

2. Encore dahlia

Dahlia ‘Encore’ is a large yellow laciniated dahlia variety. The fringed flowers typically grow to 8″-10″ wide each, making this a coveted dinner plate cultivar. The Encore Dahlia is classified as 1502 by the American Dahlia Society (ADS).

3. Yellow Boom Boom dahlia

Dahlia ‘Yellow Boom Boom’ is a small yellow ball dahlia. These geometric beauties are a soft lemon-yellow color that is excellent for cutting gardens and fresh bouquets. The compact plants are generally under 3′ tall.

4. Clearview Daniel dahlia

Dahlia ‘Clearview Daniel’ is a classic yellow ball dahlia. This plant produces masses of 4″-5″ geometric flowers. The Clearview Daniel Dahlia is classified as 6002 by the American Dahlia Society (ADS).

5. Eva Luna dahlia

Dahlia ‘Eva Luna’ is a giant semi-cactus dahlia. The curled triangular petals are bright yellow with red tips. The flowers can reach 10″ wide (especially if side buds are pinched). The Eva Luna Dahlia is classified as 0210 by the ADS.

6. La Luna dahlia

Dahlia ‘La Luna’ is a yellow dinnerplate dahlia variety. This giant informal decorative type is known for its extra-large flowers. The petals are a creamy lemon-yellow with brighter yellow streaks. La Luna Dahlia is classified as 0102 by the ADS.

7. Deep Impact dahlia

Dahlia ‘Deep Impact’ is a unique yellow-orange fringed dahlia. The plants are quite floriferous, blooming throughout the season. The dahlias are about 4″ wide each with orange petal tips.

8. Hale Bopp dahlia

Dahlia ‘Hale Bopp’ is a medium-flowered fringed yellow dahlia. These cheerful plants reach 4′ tall in the garden, making them look almost like fuzzy sunflowers in a flower border. The petals each have a split tip, giving the appearance of twice as many petals. The flowers of Hale Bopp Dahlias are typically about 6″ wide.

9. Glory of Heemstede dahlia

Dahlia ‘Glorie van Heemstede’, or the Glory of Heemstede Dahlia, is a yellow waterlily-type dahlia. These stunning blooms make exceptional cut flowers and are usually 4″-5″ wide each. The Glory of Heemstede Dahlia is classified as 7302 by the ADS.

10. Jowey Martina dahlia

Dahlia ‘Jowey Martina’ is a yellow ball-type dahlia. These geometric flowers of this plant have a tight spiral of rounded sunny-yellow petals. Each flower is about 4″ wide, and they make wonderful cut flowers.

11. Lake Ontario dahlia

Dahlia ‘Lake Ontario’ is a popular variety known for its bright yellow petals with a unique thin red edge. The tips of the yellow petals are sometimes also streaked with red, depending on the growing conditions. The sunset-colored flowers of this decorative cultivar are typically 4″-6″ wide. The plants grow 3′-4′ tall in the garden.

12. Sassafrass dahlia

Dahlia ‘Sassafrass’ is a new yellow laciniated dahlia with twisted petals. The narrow petals give this flower a fluffy fringe-like appearance, rather like a Teddy Bear Sunflower. The flowers are usually 4″-5″ wide. The majority of the petal is bright cheery yellow, but the tips have a touch of red. The Sassafrass Dahlia is classified as 3502 by the American Dahlia Society (ADS).

13. Meteorite

Dahlia ‘Meteorite’ is a bright sunshine-yellow informal decorative dahlia. This plant grows 6″-wide flowers on compact 30″ tall stocks. This shorter variety is perfect for borders or along pathways and has lovely reddish foliage in the garden.

14. Grand Prix dahlia

Dahlia ‘Grand Prix’ is a giant bicolor dahlia with yellow and white petals. The petals are a bright sunny yellow color with white tips. The flowers can grow up to 10″ wide! The Grand Prix Dahlia is classified as 0115 by the National Dahlia Society (NDS).

15. Seattle

Dahlia ‘Seattle’ is a large formal decorative bicolor white and yellow dahlia. This flower is similar to the Grand Prix dahlia, but the flowers are a bit smaller, and the petals are more rounded. The Seattle Dahlia is classified as 1015 by the NDS.

16. Gallery Cézanne dahlia

Dahlia ‘Gallery Cézanne’ is a dwarf yellow dahlia variety. This compact plant grows only about 12″ tall, making it a favorite for container gardening and patios. The geometric flowers are typically 4″-5″ wide. Pinch back Gallery Cézanne Dahlia plants when they are about 6″ tall to create the busiest patio plants.

17. Firepot dahlia

Dahlia ‘Firepot’ is a unique bicolor yellow and dark-orange Waterlily-type dahlia. This variety has broad outer rings of petals with sunshine-yellow centers and orange-red tips (flame blend). The Firepot Dahlia is in Class 7312.

18. October Sky dahlia

Dahlia ‘October Sky’ is a peach-yellow bicolor dahlia variety. These gorgeous flowers have layers of yellow petals in the center, surrounded by cheerful salmon-pink petals around the outside of the bloom, giving them an ombre effect. October Sky Dahlia flowers tend to grow about 5″ wide.

19. Big Brother dahlia

Dahlia ‘Big Brother’ is a new Informal Decorative dinner plate dahlia variety with yellow-gold petals. The broad petals of this introduction are slightly streaked with a dusky orange shade. Big Brother Dahlias typically bloom in the range of 8″-10″ wide.

20. Mingus Joshua dahlia

Dahlia ‘Mingus Joshua’ is a medium-sized laciniated dahlia with yellow-peach petals. The center of the flowers is a bright, cheery sunshine-yellow, while the outside petal tips are a warm, light, peachy shade. The flowers are generally 6″-8″ wide each. The Mingus Joshua Dahlia is classified as 2510 by the NDS.

Yellow dahlia
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