15+ pink dahlia varieties

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Pink dahlias are absolutely stunning whether in the garden, at a flower exhibition, or in a fresh bouquet. Whether you like big dinner plate decorative dahlias or small cactus types, there’s a pink dahlia for you! Pink dahlias symbolize beauty and kindness, making them perfect for gifts or celebrations. Here are 15+ of the most beautiful pink dahlia varieties.

Pink dahlias

1. Café Au Lait dahlia

The Café Au Lait Dahlia is perhaps the most popular dahlia variety. This voluminous dinner plate-sized beauty is a favorite of both flower gardeners and of florists. Café Au Lait is a creamy rose color with peachy beige towards the center. The blooms are usually 6″-8″ wide but occasionally reach up to 10″ wide. The Café Au Lait Dahlia variety is classified as an Informal Decorative type of dahlia.

2. Café Au Lait Royal dahlia

Dahlia ‘Café au Lait Royal’ is a variation of the original Café au Lait with streaks of brighter pink, magenta, and purple. This natural sport (mutation) is the same shape and size as the original. The Royal version can be slightly mauve in some blooms while other flowers have more of a light pink streaked tone.

3. Café Au Lait Rosé dahlia

The Café Au Lait Rosé dahlia is the brightest pink variation of the original Café Au Lait dahlia. The Rosé bloom is a warm sunny pink tone over the width of the flower. Café Au Lait Rosé is now one of the most popular pink dinner plate dahlia varieties for cut flower arrangements.

4. Labyrinth dahlia

Dahlia ‘Labyrinth’ is another wildly-popular Informal Decorative dinner plate dahlia variety with pink petals. Labyrinth is known for its unique bicolor appearance, which blends vibrant pink and coral peach to create a highly sought-after flower. Labyrinth Dahlia flowers grow to reach 8″-10″ wide (20-25 cm).

5. Break Out dahlia

Dahlia ‘Break Out’ is a new pink-petalled Informal Decorative dinnerplate dahlia variety. These huge 8″-10″ flowers are a soft pink hue with tones of creamy yellow-white towards the center. Break Out Dahlia plants are also known for their strong sturdy stems which hold up the heavy blooms well on the plant and in fresh floral arrangements.

6. Myrtle’s Folly dahlia

Dahlia ‘Myrtle’s Folly’ is a unique yellow-orange-pink dahlia variety with twisted petals. The petals are so narrow that they sometimes tend to curl around themselves making the flowers extra fluffy. Myrtle’s Folly Dahlias are classified as dark-blend medium-sized (6″-8″ wide) Laciniated-type (Class 2513).

7. Emory Paul dahlia

Dahlia ‘Emory Paul’ is one of the largest dinner plate dahlia varieties available. These giant fluffy pink-purple flowers grow between 10″-12″ wide. The Emory Paul Dahlia is an Informal Decorative-type categorized as Class 0109.

8. Jowey Winnie dahlia

Dahlia ‘Jowey Winnie’ is one of the most popular pink ball dahlias available. The petals of this flower are a rich pink shade. Most flowers are about 2″ wide each. The Jowey Winnie Dahlia is in Class 6005.

9. Rembrandt dahlia

The Rembrandt Dahlia is a popular pink dwarf garden dahlia. This Dutch introduction grows only 10″-12″ tall, making it the perfect low-growing bright flower for the front of a border garden or in a container on the patio.

10. Belle of the Ball dahlia

The Belle of the Ball Dahlia is a particularly large pink semi-cactus dahlia. The petals of this stunning bloom are quite laciniate, giving the whole bloom a fringed appearance. Most flowers of this type are in the range of 8″-10″ wide.

11. Islander dahlia

Dahlia ‘Islander’ is a gorgeous pink dinner plate dahlia. This variety has dark pink petals that fade to softer pink towards the edges. The stunning Informal Decorative-type flowers grow 8″-10″ across. The Islander Dahlia is in Class 1105.

12. Fascination dahlia

The ‘Fascination’ Dahlia is a peony-type dahlia with pink, semi-double petals. Bred in the UK, this variety is popular both for showing and as a garden plant (where it tends to grow to a compact 2-3 feet tall). This variety is also known for its dark bronze-purple foliage in the garden.

13. Strawberry Ice dahlia

Dahlia ‘Strawberry Ice’ is a pink dinner plate dahlia variety with yellow tones towards the center of the 8″-wide flower. Classified as a large Informal Decorative type, this variety is prized for its voluminous flowers and sturdy petals that tend to curl slightly outwards. The Strawberry Ice Dahlia is in Class 1104.

14. Figurine dahlia

The ‘Figurine’ Dahlia is a pink waterlily-type dahlia from Australia. The pink petals tend to fade to a creamy yellow near the center of this elegant bloom. This variety is known as easy to grow and also for its long, straight stems that hold up well as cut flowers.

15. Gerrie Hoek dahlia

Dahlia ‘Gerrie Hoek’ is a popular pink heirloom dahlia variety. These Waterlily-type flowers are known for their bright, almost-tropical pink shade. The Gerrie Hoek Dahlia is in Class 7304.

16. Kiwi Gloria

The ‘Kiwi Gloria’ dahlia is a small pink cactus dahlia. The white petals have fine streaks of lilac-pink, fading to cream at the base. This stunning bloom is a favorite of exhibitors in flower shows, but it is not commonly used as a cut flower due to its thick stems.

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