14 orange dahlia varieties

Dahlias are beautiful flowers that come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. For those of us who love orange, there are, fortunately, many unique orange dahlia flower varieties that can add an extra pop of color to your garden. Here are 14 of our favorite orange dahlia varieties to consider planting this season.

Orange dahlia varieties - mango madness

1. Mango Madness

Dahlia ‘Mango Madness’ is a large orange dinner plate dahlia variety. This informal decorative-type dahlia has long elegant orange petals that often have undertones of salmon-pink or even bronze. Blooms can reach 8″-10″ wide each, especially if the side buds on each stem are pinched off. The Mango Madness Dahlia has been given the classification number 1111 by the American Dahlia Society (ADS).

2. Cornel Bronze dahlia

Dahlia ‘Cornel Bronze’ is a sport variation (natural mutation) of the popular original red Cornel Dahlia. Cornel Bronze is an orange-pink variety with the same size and hardy characteristics as the original red version. This bronze ball dahlia variety is given the classification number 6011.

3. Totally Tangerine

Dahlia ‘Totally Tangerine’ is an orange and pink anemone-flowered dahlia. These elegant little flowers have a fluffy orange center surrounded by orange-pink petals. Totally Tangerine is classified as 8203 by the ADS.

4. Beatrice dahlia

Dahlia ‘Beatrice’ is a popular orange ball dahlia. These spherical blooms are about 4″-5″ wide with many layers of salmon-peach petals spiraling around the center of the flower. Their bright color attracts pollinators and makes an excellent cut flower in arrangements.

5. October Sky dahlia

Dahlia ‘October Sky’ is a yellow and sunset-orange bicolor dahlia variety. These gorgeous flowers have layers of yellow petals in the center surrounded by cheerful salmon-pink petals around the outside of the bloom, giving them an ombre effect. October Sky Dahlia flowers tend to grow about 5″ wide.

6. Jowey Nicky dahlia

Dahlia ‘Jowey Nicky’ is a popular orange ball dahlia. These cheerful flowers have peachy-orange petals arranged in rings, creating a neat spherical shape. The petals sometimes have a pink tone, especially towards the end of the season.

7. Labyrinth dahlia

Dahlia ‘Labyrinth’ is a popular Informal Decorative dinner plate dahlia variety with bicolor orange-pink petals. Labyrinth is known for its unique two-color appearance, which blends vibrant pink and coral peach to create a highly sought-after flower. Labyrinth Dahlia flowers grow to reach 8″-10″ wide each.

8. Ariko Zsaza dahlia

Dahlia ‘Ariko Zsaza’ is a solid orange decorative dahlia variety. Each flower is about 4″-6″ wide with triangular petals arranged in a spiral. These plants are perfect for the border garden, reaching a maximum height of about 3′ tall.

9. Brown Sugar dahlia

Dahlia ‘Brown Sugar’ is a new copper-orange dahlia variety. The petals often show a range of autumnal colors, ranging from a light sunny orange to a deep red-brown tone. The plants are quite floriferous and will continue to produce until the first frost of fall.

10. Peaches And Cream dahlia

Dahlia ‘Peaches And Cream’ is a spectacular orange-yellow dahlia variety. Sometimes the tips are nearly white, making the triangular petals look almost like candy corn. These bicolor flowers are about 5″ wide. Peaches And Cream Dahlias are a specialty type but are becoming more available with each growing season.

11. Myrtle’s Folly dahlia

Dahlia ‘Myrtle’s Folly’ is a unique orange-pink dahlia variety with twisted petals. The petals are so narrow that they sometimes tend to curl around themselves making the flowers extra fluffy. Myrtle’s Folly Dahlias are classified as dark-blend medium-sized (6″-8″ wide) Laciniated-type (Class 2513).

12. Firepot dahlia

Dahlia ‘Firepot’ is a unique bicolor yellow and dark-orange Waterlily-type dahlia. This variety has broad outer rings of petals with sunshine-yellow centers and orange-red tips (flame blend). The Firepot Dahlia is in Class 7312.

13. Big Brother dahlia

Dahlia ‘Big Brother’ is a new Informal Decorative dinner plate dahlia variety with yellow-gold petals. The broad petals of this introduction are slightly streaked with a dusky orange shade. Big Brother Dahlias typically bloom in the range of 8″-10″ wide.

14. Pooh dahlia

Dahlia ‘Pooh’ is a small, elegant orange bicolor collarette dahlia variety. These flowers do have a Pooh-bear-like appearance, with cheery, yellow, orange, and red petals. The Pooh Dahlia is given classification number 9015 by the ADS.

Orange dahlia
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