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white dahlia - fleurel

15+ white dahlia varieties

There is something undeniably beautiful about a bouquet of white dahlias. The pristine blooms evoke feelings of simplicity and freshness, making them the perfect choice for any event or special occasion. If you’re looking to add some classic white dahlias to your garden, here are ten great varieties to consider!

white dahlia - fleurel

1. Fleurel dahlia

Dahlia ‘Fleurel’ is one of the most popular large white dahlia varieties. This dinner plate dahlia is popular both with gardeners and with florists. The stunning flowers grow to reach 7″-9″ wide each. The Fleurel Dahlia is classified as a large-sized Informal Decorative type (Class 1101).

fleurel white dahlia plant - bare root

2. White Perfection

Dahlia ‘White Perfection’ is another elegant white dinnerplate-type dahlia. This Formal Decorative (FD) dahlia is a similar size to Fleurel, growing to 7″-9″ wide (especially if side buds are pinched off). The White Perfection dahlia is classified as 1001 by the American Dahlia Society (ADS).

3. White Aster

Dahlia ‘White Aster’ is an heirloom white pompon dahlia dating back to the 1800s. The small cream-white spheres of petals are between 1″-2″ wide each, blooming profusely through the summer until the first frost of autumn.

4. Lady Liberty dahlia

Dahlia ‘Lady Liberty’ is a newer pure white dinner plate dahlia. Lady Liberty flowers can reach 8″ wide each. Like White Perfection, the Lady Liberty dahlia is a Formal Decorative-type dahlia. This variety is classified as 2001 by the ADS.

5. Café au Lait dahlia

Dahlia ‘Café au Lait’ is a creamy tan dinner plate dahlia that is perhaps the most popular dahlia variety around. The stunning blooms of this informal decorative type can be 8″ wide and the petals have a hint of pink to them. Pinch the side buds off each stem for the largest flowers. The Café au Lait dahlia is classified as 2104 by the ADS. Read more about the Café au Lait Dahlia.

6. Boom Boom White dahlia

Dahlia ‘Boom Boom White’ is a popular white ball dahlia variety. Each white flower is about 4″ wide and nearly spherical with a spiral of rounded petals. Boom Boom is easy to grow and prized as a summertime cut flower (especially for weddings and garden parties).

7. Tsuki Yori No Shisha dahlia

Dahlia ‘Tsuki Yori No Shisha’ is a medium-sized laciniate white dahlia. This unique semi-cactus bloom was bred in Japan over 70 years ago. The Tsuki Yori No Shisha Dahlia is classified as 2501 by the ADS.

8. Small World dahlia

Dahlia ‘Small World’ is a mini white pompon dahlia. These happy little flowers are ball-shaped with creamy white petals. The Small World Dahlia is classified as 6201 by the ADS.

9. White Onesta dahlia

Dahlia ‘White Onesta’ is a white waterlily-type dahlia. These elegant flowers grow to 4″-5″ wide each. The plants are compact in the garden, typically staying under 3′ tall.

10. L’Ancresse dahlia

Dahlia ‘L’Ancresse’ is a popular white ball dahlia variety. These pure white round blooms are perfect for a wedding bouquet or simple summertime floral arrangement. L’Ancresse dahlia is categorized as Class 6001 by the ADS.

11. Crazy Love dahlia

Dahlia ‘Crazy Love’ is an elegant white dahlia variety with purple-edged petals. These flowers are creamy-yellow in the center, but the majority of the flower is white. The colorful edges are a Fuschia-lavender shade. Crazy Love flowers are an Informal Decorative variety that grows to about 4″-5″ wide each. The Crazy Love Dahlia is given classification number 3101.

12. My Love dahlia

Dahlia ‘My Love’ is a popular cream-white semi-cactus dahlia from the 1960s. The flowers have spiky petals and are typically in the range of 4″-6″ wide each. The My Love Dahlia is classified as 3201 by the ADS.

13. Sweet Nathalie

Dahlia ‘Sweet Nathalie’ is an exquisite blush-toned small formal decorative dahlia. Beloved by florists and gardeners alike, this variety is perfect for a cutting garden. The plants produce masses of 4″-5″ wide blooms with cream-pink petals. The Sweet Nathalie Dahlia is classified as 3010 by the ADS.

14. Petra’s Wedding dahlia

Dahlia ‘Petra’s Wedding’ is a white MiniBall (MB) type dahlia. The geometric 3″-wide blooms have a tight spiral of slightly-pointed petals. As the name suggests, this cultivar is perfect for adding to bridal arrangements.

15. Wyn’s Farmer John dahlia

Dahlia ‘Wyn’s Farmer John’ is a giant informal decorative dinner plate dahlia. The slightly curled white petals turn to a creamy yellow in the center of the flower and often have a blush-pink edge on the petal tips. These unique flowers are prized by florists for large-scale floral arrangements. The Wyn’s Farmer John Dahlia is classified as 0110 by the ADS.

white dahlias in the garden
white dahlia flower


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