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strawberry planter - idea - ripe red strawberries growing in a concrete strawberry planter

20+ strawberry planter ideas

It’s time to plant some fresh strawberries! These delectable little berry plants grow very well in containers of all types. Here are 20+ strawberry planter ideas to get you inspired!

1. Classic strawberry pot

The classic strawberry planter is a terra cotta or ceramic pot. These large, vase-like containers have openings on the sides that allow delicious strawberries to grow along the sides of the planter as well as out the top. The openings almost look like little windows (complete with little terra-cotta cupped windowsills). Check out the video tutorial above to learn how to plant one up with strawberries!

Terra cotta pots are made of naturally-sourced clay. Take special care to fill the pot with high-quality potting soil. Look for soil that contains perlite to keep it airy and let the roots “breathe”. Organic matter such as homemade compost is also very helpful for larger outdoor pots and even a bit of high-quality organic fertilizer.

“There are also lots of great strawberry varieties, like Delizz, that do well in pots.”

Gardening Your Front Yard: Projects and Ideas for Big and Small Spaces, by Tara Nolan

2. Garden tower planter

Garden Tower Planters work very well for strawberries. These strawberry towers are almost like giant strawberry pots! Seriously, these planters will hold 50 strawberry plants.

TIP: Here are the best-tasting types of strawberries to grow in these planters!

hanging baskets full of strawberry plants at plant nursery
Pre-made hanging planters filled with strawberry plants are becoming more common in the springtime at garden centers.

3. Hanging berry basket

A hanging basket planter is another very popular way to grow strawberries. The trailing nature of the runners makes strawberries a perfect pairing with an elevated planter.

Fill a hanging planter entirely with these plants, or intersperse them with ornamentals for a double-duty hanging basket. As this idea catches on, more and more nurseries are offering pre-planted hanging planters of strawberries!

“Strawberries do well in hanging baskets, but care must be paid that they are adequately fertilized and do not dry out. They must be over-wintered in the soil.”

Growing Fruit in Northern Gardens, by Sara Williams and Bob Bors

4. Laundry basket strawberry planter

Laundry hampers are becoming more and more popular diy strawberry planter ideas for growing strawberries. Plastic laundry hampers are easily available year-round at big box stores, and they almost always have holes on the sides (like terra cotta strawberry planters. Line it with landscape fabric or burlap if the holes are large. diy strawberry planter diy strawberry planter diy strawberry planter

Above is a video tutorial showing how to turn a big laundry hamper into a strawberry planter.

“Use as many recycled containers, materials, and everyday items as you can. You don’t have to buy hugely expensive things if you use your imagination.”

Thrifty Gardening: From the Ground Up, by Marjorie Harris
growing french gourmet strawberries in a patio strawberry planter pot

5. Patio pyramid planter

I love a wooden strawberry planter! They’re classy and very efficient in terms of space.

The cedar is long-lasting and not as prone to rot as other types of wood. This is a really nice alternative if you don’t want to use ceramic or plastic (especially in climates prone to freeze in wintertime). These wooden patio pyramids are consistently one of the top strawberry planter ideas, and one of the top diy vertical strawberry planter ideas. wooden strawberry planter

6. Vertical strawberry garden wall

This tiered strawberry planter is very well-suited to growing strawberries. Start with a few plants and be ready to transplant the runners into new spots to expand your vertical strawberry bed! There are lots of different vertical strawberry planters, garden wall systems and DIY ideas out there, most of which would be perfect for these plants. diy vertical planter

7. Repurposed colander

Colanders are a common kitchen item to repurpose into a diy strawberry planter. They already have holes on the sides and the larger ones can hold a few strawberries. Place the colander on the patio or hang it up as DIY hanging strawberry planters….pretty perfect! diy strawberry planter diy strawberry planter

8. Tiered ladder planter

Ladder planters with 3-5 tiers are another great way to squeeze extra strawberry plants into a small footprint. Some are made with metal and plastic, while others have a more rustic wooden appearance (like an antique ladder almost!). This is one of the best tiered strawberry planter idea for a small space (along with the vertical wall and the Mr. Stacky planters discussed below). vertical planters

9. Geotextile strawberry pockets

Pockets of fabric can work as diy strawberry planters when hung up as a vertical garden. These planters look a bit like the shoe organizers that are hung inside closet doors, except that they are designed to hold soil and plants instead of shoes! What a fun, modern way to grow a small strawberry garden!

“Strawberries grow well in rich, fertile soil but perform reliably in pots, tubs, and hanging planters, too. I love them spilling out from a window box or hanging basket, their luscious fruits dangling temptingly as they ripen to red.”

GrowVeg: The Beginner’s Guide to Easy Vegetable Gardening, by Benedict Vanheems

10. Pallet strawberry planter idea

Pallets remain very common for growing strawberries. They typically have large enough spaces between boards for the plants to peek out. Diy pallet strawberry planter with large spaces between boards may need to be lined with landscaping fabric or burlap to hold in the soil as the roots become established.

Beware that many pallets are made with chemically-treated wood or have otherwise been exposed to fumigation in transit. You may wish to build your own pallet strawberry patch out of natural wood.

Baby strawberry plants in ceramic planter bowl on cedar deck

11. Serving bowls

Large serving bowls can be repurposed into diy strawberry planter, like the one pictured above. This idea includes bowls for serving large salads, as well as display-type centerpiece bowls and deep trays. Check out your local thrift store to see what’s available! For permanent strawberry planters, add a drainage hole to the bottom to let the excess water drain out (and keep some air in the soil!).

12. Raised garden bed

Make a raised strawberry bed just for your plants! Strawberries are a perfect perennial crop to grow in raised beds, especially if you leave some spaces in the sides to let a few extra plants make a home there. Here is a very popular tutorial for a pallet-themed raised bed specifically for growing strawberries.

13. Geotextile planter bag

Geotextile fabric planter bags are an easy, portable way to grow strawberries in containers. These planters are very light and don’t require any assembly. Some are made of fabric similar to black landscaping fabric, while others are more of a grey, felted fabric. Some are square and some are round. You’re sure to find one that suits your space! planter box planter box planter box planter box

14. Baking dishes

Like serving bowls, deep baking dishes can be used to grow strawberries. This is particularly applicable to growing strawberries indoors. Shown above is a video planting a strawberry plant in a soufflé dish.

15. Whisky barrel planter

Classic whisky barrel planters can be perfect for strawberries! Plant the whole thing with strawberry plants, or even add a tall center plant like a banana or canna for some height and visual interest. You could even use a dwarf blueberry bush in the middle for a full-on fruit salad container garden! Talk about a delicious strawberry planter idea!

“If you’d like to grow strawberries in containers, select a day-neutral cultivar and make sure to use a container with excellent drainage. Container berries will grow well in a soil mixture that is half potting soil, one-quarter sand, and one-quarter finely ground fir bark, which helps with soil acidity. Eight cups of slow-release fertilizer per cubic yard of mixed soil can be added before planting.”

Growing Berries and Fruit Trees in the Pacific Northwest: How to Grow Abundant, Organic Fruit in Your Backyard, by Tara Austen Weaver
ripe red strawberries growing in a concrete strawberry planter
Strawberries growing out in our old concrete basin sink.

16. Repurposed tub or bucket

An old tub or bucket can easily be repurposed into a strawberry planter. This idea includes galvanized tubs and metal buckets, as well as old concrete or ceramic washtubs and basin sinks. Here is a youtube tutorial about planting gorgeous strawberry plants in a big old galvanized tub.

17. VegTrug

VegTrug planters is another great option for a strawberry planter. These specialty garden planters are made to last. They’re also raised up off the ground, making them much more accessible and easy to use than traditional planter pots. They’re available in both wood and metal.

Everbearing strawberries for a strawberry pot planter on the patio

18. Window box strawberry garden

Strawberries are extremely cute hanging out of a modern window box. Choose compact varieties that bear fruit over a long period. If you’re hanging them outside a kitchen or near a patio, be sure to look for some of the best-tasting strawberry varieties so you’ll have the tastiest berries possible for snacking on!

empty yellow and green stacking plant pots for strawberry plants
Pieces of a generic stacking strawberry planter

19. Mr. Stacky strawberry planter

Mr. Stacky’s classic stacking planters (and similar brands) are perhaps the best way to get a ton of fresh strawberries into a very small square-foot space without spending a ton. These stackable plastic trays combine to make a diy strawberry tower with alternating open pockets for plants to peek out. Some of these planters are a terra-cotta color (burnt orange), reminiscent of ceramic strawberry pots.

20. Gutter garden

Strawberry plants are well-suited to a gutter garden. Gutter gardens are becoming an increasingly popular idea for a unique strawberry planter system.

A gutter garden is simply pieces of rain gutter that have been mounted against a wall or even hung at an accessible height. If you prefer plastic, you can also use a horizontal piece of PVC pipe with holes for the plants. Be sure to use high-quality potting mix and include drainage holes to let the excess water drain out.

21. Strawberry plant wreath

The strawberry living wreath idea comes from Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy. She has a full tutorial about how to make a wreath-shaped planter for strawberry plants that can be hung up as a living wreath! Check it out here: https://gardentherapy.ca/living-strawberry-wreath/

22. PVC pipe tower

A PVC pipe tower garden is a newer strawberry planter idea that’s like a giant, skinny, pot. It’s just a piece of PVC pipe that’s had some holes drilled along the sides and then been mounted in the ground to stick up vertically like a tower. Generally, 6″ or 8″ diameter pipe is used to allow for adequate soil volume for the plants.


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