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Category: Strawberries

  • Hill system strawberries

    Hill system strawberries

    Grow delicious hill system strawberries with ease! Learn how to plant, care for and harvest your own sweet bounty of fruit with this step-by-step guide.

  • Matted row strawberries

    Matted row strawberries

    Grow juicy, sweet berries with matted row strawberries! Learn how to plant, water, and control weeds for a successful harvest every year.

  • Day neutral strawberries

    Day neutral strawberries

    Wondering what day-neutral strawberries are? Day neutral strawberries are a type of strawberry plant that produces fruit throughout the growing season, rather than having a specific fruiting period. These plants are called “day neutral” because their fruiting is not affected by the length of daylight hours in the same way that many other strawberry plants…

  • Everbearing strawberries

    Everbearing strawberries

    Depending on where you live and the climate that surrounds you, there are different types of strawberry plants to consider growing. Everbearing strawberries produce two crops of fruit: one in the early summer and one in the fall. The spring crops tend to be larger than the fall crop, and the overall annual yield of…

  • Types of strawberries

    Types of strawberries

    Wondering about different types of strawberries? Knowing which kind you have makes caring for the plants much easier and more effective. There are three types of strawberries: June-bearing, everbearing, and day-neutral. Sometimes everbearing and day-neutral types are grouped together as they have many similarities. Gardeners commonly grow both a June-bearing and a day-neutral variety to…

  • June bearing strawberries

    June bearing strawberries

    Interested in growing June bearing strawberries? This category tends to have the most flavorful berries, even if the plants do take a bit more work than everbearing types. These heat-tolerant plants produce delicious and juicy berries once per growing season and are fairly easy to maintain. June bearing strawberries are a category of strawberry plant…

  • 10 strawberry garden ideas

    10 strawberry garden ideas

    If your strawberry garden needs some innovation, try some of these fun strawberry garden ideas. Implement a DIY vertical planter or add some variety to your strawberry patch with different species. Check out these easy and useful strawberry planter ideas! 1. Plant a strawberry pot A strawberry pot is a ceramic or clay pot with…

  • Strawberry pot basics

    Strawberry pot basics

    A strawberry pot is a container made specifically for growing strawberries. Strawberry pots are typically urn-shaped and have pocket-like openings on the sides. These planters are made of clay or plastic and have drainage holes in the bottom to allow excess water to escape. The sides of a strawberry pot are generally high, which helps…

  • 11+ companion plants for strawberries

    11+ companion plants for strawberries

    Time to add some strawberries to your garden or plant around an existing strawberry patch? Strawberry plants are perfect for companion planting as they can be particularly fussy about what’s planted nearby. Good companion plants for strawberries include spinach, lettuce, peas, beans, onions, clovers, thyme, garlic, and borage. Avoid planting brassicas like kale, cauliflower, and…

  • Click and Grow strawberries

    Click and Grow strawberries

    While there are dozens of different plants to try growing in a Click and Grow smart garden, the Wild Strawberry pods are among the most satisfying. Imagine growing your own strawberries indoors during the winter! Here is an overview of my experience with Click and Grow strawberries. Click and Grow strawberry plant pods Click and…

  • Bare root strawberries

    Bare root strawberries

    Bare-root strawberries are strawberry plants sold with the soil washed away from the roots. With no soil, the roots are “bare” and easy to package up together in a bulk bundle. Bare-root strawberries are often priced much lower than potted strawberry plants and are available in many more varieties (including many of the top gourmet…

  • Ozark Beauty strawberry

    Ozark Beauty strawberry

    The Ozark Beauty strawberry is an ever-bearing strawberry cultivar from Arkansas that is well-known for its sweet berries and productive growth. Ozark Beauty strawberry plants are easy to grow, thriving in full-sun locations with well-drained soil and consistent watering. Ozark Beauty strawberries are a great choice for gardeners who want to harvest great-tasting berries in…