The Best Tasting Strawberry Varieties To Grow In Your Garden

Fresh strawberries are the culinary highlight of June. Here are some of the best tasting strawberry varieties to grow in your garden (or search out at local fruit stands or the farmers market).

Top 5 of the Best-Tasting Strawberry Varieties

Here are five perennial favourites of the top tasting strawberry cultivars:

While these five strawberry varieties are perhaps most popularly searched out for their excellent flavour, there are quite a few delicious types of strawberries! Read on to see the full list of yummy berries to grow or buy.

“Genetics is very important, usually the most important determinant of flavor.”

The Ever Curious Gardener: Using a Little Natural Science for a Much Better GardenOpens in a new tab., by Lee Reich
Albion Strawberries in Concrete Planter
Albion Strawberries

List of the Best Tasting Strawberry Varieties

Here are over 70 of the best-tasting strawberry varieties. Choose a few that are well-suited to your climate (ask at local garden centers) – then pick your own favourites to grow year after year!

  1. Albion (Albion Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  2. Alpine
  3. Amarosa
  4. American Wild Virginia/Fragaria virginiana (Virginia Wild Strawberry SeedsOpens in a new tab.)
  5. Archer
  6. Aroma
  7. Aromel
  8. Beltran
  9. Benizuru
  10. Brenda
  11. Brunswick
  12. Cabot
  13. Cambridge Favourite
  14. Cambridge Late Pine
  15. Camino Real
  16. Cavendish
  17. Chambly
  18. Chandler (Chandler June-Bearing Southern Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  19. Charlotte
  20. Christine
  21. Ciflorette
  22. Clarence
  23. Darselect
  24. Diamante
  25. Dickens
  26. Earliglow (Earliglow Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  27. Éclair
  28. Elvira
  29. Eversweet
  30. Fairfax (Buy Live Fairfax Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  31. Flavorfest
  32. Florence
  33. Fort Laramie (Fort Laramie Hardy Everbearing Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  34. Galletta
  35. Gariguette
  36. Gorella
  37. Hood
  38. Honeoye
  39. Jewel (Jewel Mid-Season Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  40. Loran
  41. Malwina
  42. Manille
  43. Mara des Bois (Mara des Bois Everbearing Live Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  44. Marshall (Marshall Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  45. Mignonette
  46. Musk
  47. Ogallala
  48. Old North Sea
  49. Oregon Hood
  50. Ozark Beauty
  51. Pantagruella
  52. Pegasus
  53. Pineberry
  54. Puget Crimson
  55. Quinalt (Quinalt Everbearing Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  56. Reine des Vallees
  57. Rhapsody
  58. Rosa Linda
  59. Rosie
  60. Royal Sovereign
  61. Rutgers Scarlet
  62. Seascape (Seascape Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  63. Sequoia (Live Sequoia Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  64. Shuksan
  65. Sonata
  66. Sparkle (Sparkle Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  67. Sparkle Supreme
  68. Suwannee
  69. Sweet Ann
  70. Sweet Charlie (Sweet Charlie Strawberry PlantsOpens in a new tab.)
  71. Talisman
  72. Temptation
  73. Tresca
  74. Yambu
  75. Yellow Wonder
Strawberries in woodland stump

Phew! Refer to this list at the local garden centre, as all varieties are not well-suited to all climates. Look locally for a few dependable, yummy varieties to start with. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to add a new type of strawberry to your garden each year!

Here is a great guide to the unique characteristics of some of these yummy types of strawberries: Cornell Strawberry Variety ReviewOpens in a new tab., by Courtney Weber

“Earliglow is still considered the best tasting berry around.”

Strawberry Variety ReviewOpens in a new tab., by Courtney Weber, Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University.

Now let’s move on to some extra tips for bringing out the best flavour in your chosen strawberry variety.

Fort Laramie Everbearing Strawberries - Plant Tag from Bylands
Growing strawberries with kids - learning about food

Growing the Best Tasting Strawberries

There is more the the best tasting strawberries then simply choosing a variety labelled “excellent flavour”. Strawberries are kind of like wine grapes, in that while the variety is important, so is the terroir of their growing environment. The flavour profile and overall character is determined both by the variety (cultivar) and by the terroir of the growing location.

Here are some tips for creating a happy strawberry growing environment that promotes the growth of flavour-rich berries:

  • Choose healthy plants from reputable sources
  • Plant it in sandy soil enriched with homemade compostOpens in a new tab. or other nutrient-rich organic matter
  • Ensure the plants are getting a solid 8 hours of direct sunlight per day
  • Keep the soil consistently moist, but not soaking wet (like a wrung-out sponge). Keeping the plants just a little bit on the dry side as they fruit can help concentrate flavour in smaller, more flavourful berries.
  • Try a red plastic mulch (like this oneOpens in a new tab., or make your own from recycled plastic)
  • Feed plants with broad-spectrum, controlled-release organic fertilizer
  • Avoid growth spurts (don’t over-water or over-fertilize…more is not better for producing tasty berries…we want to concentrate the flavour!)
  • Pick berries at different maturities to determine peak ripeness
  • Don’t replace the plants each year (let the plants become established over several years and note the changes in berry flavour)

“Size and chemical composition of berries developed in sunlight over a specially formulated red plastic were compared with those that developed over standard black plastic mulch. Berries that ripened over red were about 20% larger, had higher sugar to organic acid ratios and emitted higher concentrations of favorable aroma compounds.”

Light Reflected From Red Mulch to Ripening Strawberries Affects Aroma, Sugar and Organic Acid ConcentrationsOpens in a new tab. (Kasperbauer, Loughrin, & Wang)
Migonette Alpine Strawberry
Seascape Berry with Plants in Garden
taste test - yummy strawberry types

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