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All about fruit plants, including fruit trees, berry bushes, and low-growing fruits like strawberries.

Fall-bearing raspberries in october

How to grow raspberries

Over the years, I’ve transformed patches of soil into thriving raspberry havens, savored every sun-kissed…

How to grow blueberries

How to grow blueberries

Blueberries, often hailed as nature’s little blue gems, have become a staple in gardens worldwide.…

How to grow apricots

Imagine basking in the warm summer sun, plucking juicy, ripe apricots straight from the tree…

Growing your own apple tree

How to grow apples

Wondering how to grow apples? While it can take a few years, caring for an…

What is a club apple

What is a club apple?

A club apple is a brand-name apple. These specific apple varieties are grown and marketed…

Apple tree diseases

12 apple tree diseases

Apple trees are somewhat prone to disease. There are a number of common pathogens that…

Leaves on avocado tree turning brown

Leaves on avocado tree turning brown

Revive your avocado tree and keep it healthy! Learn why leaves on an avocado tree turn brown, how to fix the problem, prevention tips, and more.
How to grow an avocado tree

Avocado tree soil

Grow your own avocados with ease! Learn the secrets of avocado tree soil, from choosing the right type to fertilizing and watering correctly. Get ready for a delicious harvest!
How to grow an avocado tree that bears fruit

How to grow an avocado tree that bears fruit

Learn how to grow an avocado tree that bears fruit and enjoy delicious avocados right from your own backyard! Get all the tips you need for planting, fertilizing, pruning and harvesting.