Rose color meaning guide (symbolism of different colors)

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Rose color meaning has long been a way to communicate emotion without words. From expressing love and admiration to conveying joy or sorrow, the colors of roses can express so much more than just their beauty in the traditional language of flowers.

Red for romance; pink for gratitude; white for innocence; yellow for friendship – each hue carries its own special message. But what about orange and peach? Let’s explore the rose color meaning in greater depth as we take an in-depth look at these hues together.

Rose color meaning symbolism basics

Here are the basics of rose color symbolism:

Rose colorSymbolic meaning
RedLove, beauty, passion, desire, courage, congratulations, admiration, healing
PinkGratitude, confidence, elegance, happiness, joy, energy, romance, thanks
WhiteCharm, heavenly, innocence, purity, worthiness, humility, eternal love
YellowApology, infidelity, jealousy, remembrance, caring, friendship, welcome back
OrangePride, enthusiasm, fascination, wonder, desire, passion
PeachGratitude, appreciation, immortality, modesty, sincerity
PurpleMagic, enchantment, opulence, unique, special, admiration
BlackDeath, beauty, sorrow, resentment, farewell, rebirth, rejuvenation
BlueImpossible, mystery, beyond, enigma
Firefighter rose
The ‘Firefighter’ rose is a popular red rose variety to grow

1. Red roses

Red roses are a classic symbol of love, beauty, and passion. With their deep red hue, these flowers evoke strong emotions. From light blush to dark claret, red roses come in a range of hues. No matter the shade, all red rose varieties represent true love and admiration for someone special.

Red roses have long been associated with romance and passionate love since Roman times when they were used as an expression of devotion between two people. The color is often seen as the ultimate signifier of romantic commitment and has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day celebrations around the world. In addition to representing romance, red roses signify courage and respect—making them an appropriate gift for occasions such as anniversaries, graduations, or on-stage performances.

To ensure your bouquet stays beautiful longer than just one day, you should take some important steps when caring for your fresh-cut flowers at home. First off, place them in clean, fresh water. Change the water daily if possible, and keep the blooms out of direct sunlight for the longest vase life.

Jubilee celebration rose
The ‘Jubilee Celebration’ rose is a popular pink rose variety for the garden

2. Pink roses

Pink roses are a classic symbol of love and admiration, but they also represent gratitude, grace, joy, and appreciation. From the palest pink to deep rose shades, these beautiful blooms come in many different colors.

When it comes to the symbolism of pink roses, their meaning varies depending on the shade you choose. Light or pale pinks can signify gentleness or admiration, while dark pinks tend to indicate thankfulness or appreciation. No matter what message you want to convey with your gift of flowers, there is a perfect hue for every occasion.

White drift rose

3. White roses

White roses are a classic symbol of innocence, purity, and everlasting love. They can also communicate admiration, gratitude, and delight. In certain contexts, they can be a sign of remembrance or sympathy. With so many meanings associated with white roses, it’s no wonder they remain popular today.

To ensure their health and beauty in the garden, white roses should be planted in nutrient-rich soil with good drainage and exposed to six hours of direct sunlight daily. First, plant them in well-draining soil with plenty of organic matter mixed into it; this will help ensure they get enough nutrients while allowing excess water to drain away from their roots.

Ensure your white roses get enough sunlight by providing them with at least six hours of direct sunshine per day; this will keep the plants vibrant and help generate attractive blooms throughout the season. Finally, remember to deadhead any spent flowers regularly so new ones can take their place – this will also prevent disease from spreading throughout the entire bush.


4. Yellow roses

Yellow roses have a special symbolism and are associated with joy, friendship, loyalty, and celebration. There is an array of different shades, ranging from light lemons to deep gold hues. Because the symbolism of yellow roses is an expression of joy, friendship, and congratulations, they are a popular choice for many occasions.

When selecting your yellow rose bush consider its eventual size when fully grown as well as any other plants that may be in the vicinity. Make sure you give them enough room to grow without overcrowding other flowers or shrubs nearby. It’s also important to select a location that gets plenty of sun throughout the day – at least 6 hours per day – since this will help ensure optimal blooming conditions for your roses.

Orange rose

5. Orange and peach rose colors

Orange/peach roses are very popular! Gardeners often opt for orange and peach roses, two of the most preferred hues. They’re both associated with joy, love, and warmth. Symbolically speaking, orange roses symbolize passion and desire, while peach roses represent gratitude or appreciation.

When it comes to shades of these rose colors, a wide variety is available. Orange roses may be found in a broad selection of tints, from light yellow-orange to dark apricot. Peach-colored roses tend to be more subtle in their color variations but can also come in lighter pinkish hues as well as deeper coral shades.

Different colors of roses

FAQs about rose color meanings

What do rose colors symbolize?

Rose colors can be symbolic of many different things, depending on the culture and context. In Western cultures, roses are often associated with love and romance. Red roses typically symbolize passion or romantic love, while pink ones signify admiration or friendship. White roses represent innocence and purity, yellow represents joy or platonic friendship, orange signifies enthusiasm or desire, and purple signifies enchantment. Other cultures may also have their own interpretations of what rose colors mean.

Before you go…

Rose color meaning is a wonderful way to express your feelings and emotions. Each hue has its own unique symbolism, so be sure to pick the perfect shade of rose for any occasion. Red roses signify love and passion, pink stands for admiration and appreciation, white symbolizes purity or innocence, and yellow conveys joyfulness. Orange and peach roses can also bring happiness but with more subtlety than other colors. Whatever color you choose, it’s sure to make an impact.



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