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Growing roses, including how to plant them, grow them, and general plant care tips for growing these beloved plants in your flower garden.

Roald dahl rose

Roald Dahl rose

Imagine a rose that not only has stunning peach-colored blooms but also carries the name…

Red rose varieties

10 red roses

Red roses are the classic symbol of love, beauty, passion, desire, congratulations, and admiration. There…

Pink rose varieties

25 pink roses

Pink roses symbolize confidence, elegance, joy, grace, sweetness, desire, and gratitude. While hundreds of pink…

Light pink roses

10 light pink roses

Light pink roses are the perfect addition to any garden. From heritage varieties to modern…

White roses in the garden - rose bush

10 white roses

White roses are absolutely heavenly. These timeless flowers symbolize charm, eternal love, innocence, purity, reverence,…

Rose fertilizer

Rose fertilizer

Wondering about rose fertilizer? Fortunately, feeding these lovely plants isn’t as difficult as it may…