Category Indoor plants

Growing plants indoors as indoor food gardens or for natural living decor. This includes kitchen herb gardens, smart gardens, hydroponic setups, and houseplants including succulents, low-light indoor ornamental plants, air-filtering houseplants, and flowering houseplants.

Succulent terrarium garden bowl on wooden table with garden trowel

Succulent bowl

Succulents are beautiful, low-maintenance, and fun to grow. By learning how to grow a succulent…

Basil microgreens growing in tray

Growing microgreens

Microgreens are one of the easiest and healthiest edible plants to grow at home. They…

Buckwheat microgreens

Buckwheat sprouts

Buckwheat sprouts are very affordable and easy to grow. The seeds are easy to sprout…

Tray of wheatgrass

How to grow wheatgrass

Growing wheatgrass might seem like a simple endeavor, but anyone who’s tried it knows there…