Category Indoor plants

Growing plants indoors as indoor food gardens or for natural living decor. This includes kitchen herb gardens, smart gardens, hydroponic setups, and houseplants including succulents, low-light indoor ornamental plants, air-filtering houseplants, and flowering houseplants.

Cat grass - how to grow cat grass

Growing cat grass

If you’re a cat lover, ensuring a comfortable, healthy, and entertaining environment is the ultimate…

Boston fern - close up of fern foliage

Boston fern

Boston Fern is a tropical evergreen perennial herbaceous plant grown as the classic indoor houseplant…

Flowering cactus

Flowering cactus

A perfect flowering cactus takes a bit of work to grow, but is so worth it when it blooms! Click here to learn how to grow a flowering cactus properly.
Pink anthurium flowers - houseplant close up - tropical


Anthurium is a lovely flowering houseplant that’s easy to grow (and fun to have around).…

Buckwheat microgreens

Buckwheat microgreens

Buckwheat microgreens are sturdy, fresh, and lovely to use in cooking. They’re perfect in salads,…