12+ window sill herb garden kits

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Window sill herb garden kits are a great way to start gardening indoors while also growing useful culinary herbs for your meals. Here are some of the best herb garden kits designed for growing your own herb plants indoors on the windowsill!

1. Steel windowsill box organic culinary herb garden kit

This Steel Windowsill Box from Earth Easy is a gorgeous option for either a gift or for something lasting for your own kitchen. This lovely kit includes seeds for growing basil, chives, and oregano, as well as organic growing soil. This option is certainly one of the most elegant herb garden kit options for the window sill.

2. Window sill wooden herb garden grow kit

This Window Sill Wooden Herb Garden by Urban Leaf at Terrain includes a modern wooden planter box, coconut coir plant pot inserts, and lovely bamboo plant label spikes. The herb kit includes seeds for basil, cilantro, and parsley. This window sill herb planter is only 4″ wide, making it perfect for even skinnier window sill arrangements.

3. Herb garden-in-a-pail

This Herb-Garden-in-a-Pail is a fully-contained indoor herb garden kit in a mini leak-proof pail sized perfectly for a windowsill. You’ll grow basil, garlic chives, and parsley with this adorable little herb garden kit. The pail is made of recycled steel and the growing soil includes shredded coconut husks for good drainage.

4. Nine-herb window garden

This 9-Herb Window Garden by Planter’s Choice includes nine individual plant pots that fit into three drip trays. The kit includes soil discs, bamboo plant markers, and seeds for growing dill, basil, chives, thyme, parsley, oregano, cilantro, sage, and rosemary. This herb garden kit is a nice choice if you’d like to grow lots of different herbs on your window sill!

Basil grown indoors in window sill herb garden kit

5. Barnwood window sill herb garden kit

The Barnwood Window Sill Herb Garden Kit by Mountain Valley Seed Company features a wooden planter box and certified organic seeds. The planter box is 6″ wide and includes a protective drip tray. This herb growing kit includes seeds for sage, cilantro, basil, and oregano.

6. Herb garden seed starter kit

This Herb Garden Seed Starter Kit by Nature’s Blossom is a nice simple windowsill herb garden kit with biodegradable plant pots, compressed soil pellets, and plant labels. The herb kit comes with organic seeds to grow basil, cilantro, thyme, and parsley. Using a herb garden kit like this one is almost certainly more affordable than buying all the supplies separately.

7. Bamboo windowsill herb garden

The Bamboo Windowsill Herb Garden by Burpee features three mini herb pots made from bamboo in a pretty matching tray. It’s only 4″ wide and will fit on most windowsills. The garden kit includes seeds for growing Italian parsley, cilantro, common chives, sweet basil, and Greek oregano.

8. Organic herb growing kit

This Organic Herb Growing Kit by Planter’s Choice is another simple indoor herb garden option. This kit includes plastic plant pots, bamboo plant labels, and organic seeds for growing basil, cilantro, chives, and parsley. It’s nicely packaged and would make an excellent gift.

9. Classic wood planter herb garden kit

This Classic Wood Planter Herb Garden Kit by Dryden Trading Company includes a handmade 6″ wide wooden planter box and also features slate herb markers with chalk for labelling plants. The kit includes seeds to grow basil, dill, parsley, oregano, and cilantro. While this is one of the more expensive window sill herb garden kits, it is beautiful and would make a lovely gift.

10. Mason jar herb garden kit

The Mason Jar Herb Garden Kit by Thoughtfully Gifts is made for the windowsill and features three tinted glass mason jars. The kit includes seeds for growing basil, rosemary, and sage. There are also pretty farmhouse-style labels held on with twine. This herb garden kit is packaged specifically for gift-giving!

11. Cedar mini herb planter kit

This Cedar Mini Herb Planter Kit by Fat Plants includes three mini wooden planter boxes in a long windowsill wooden tray. Each planter box has a plant label spot painted with blackboard paint. The kit is 6″ wide, including the tray. The kit includes seeds for growing basil, cilantro, thyme, oregano, chives, and parsley.

12. Ceramic mason jar windowsill herb garden kit

The Ceramic Mason Jar Windowsill Herb Garden Kit by Nature’s Grace includes two pretty ceramic mason jars (ceramic, not glass), organic coconut coir soil, stainless steel drainage discs, and two packets of randomly selected herb seeds. The herbs you get will be a surprise, but the ceramic jars are totally lovely! This kit would be a great gift (or a little something for yourself!).

13. Heirloom herb garden kit with bamboo planting pots

This Heirloom Herb Garden Kit with Bamboo Planting Pots by Home Grown is a nice little kit with five white bamboo planting pots with trays and wooden plant markers. The kit includes seeds for growing basil, mint, chives, parsley, and cilantro.

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