Where to buy wheatgrass seeds

Growing your own wheatgrass is too easy NOT to do! Here’s where to buy wheatgrass seeds so you can get started growing your own wheatgrass.

Options for where to buy wheatgrass seeds

The following seed companies offer high-quality wheatgrass seeds:

You can also buy wheatgrass at some specialty grocers, health food stores, garden centers, and hardware stores. Wheat grass seeds are sold as “wheatgrass seeds,” “hard red spring wheat,” and sometimes as “wheat berries.” These names generally all refer to wheatgrass seeds. Look for clean, sanitary seeds safe for human consumption.

Wheatgrass seeds
Wheatgrass seeds

What to look for in wheatgrass seeds

Wheatgrass seeds are available online and in many grocery and natural food stores. They’re not always the easiest to find, though. Sometimes wheatgrass seeds are called “wheat berries” or “hard red spring wheat.” Seeds sold under these names can be used to grow wheatgrass for juicing.

Some shoppers look for organic wheat berries to grow their own organic wheat grass. Others would just rather buy bulk quantities of wheatgrass seeds based on their bulk price. Decide what is important to you before buying wheatgrass seeds. I’d recommend starting with purchasing a small amount before you get into any bulk purchases!


What do wheatgrass seeds cost?

The cost of wheatgrass seeds varies between packet size and retailer. A sample pack of 15 grams can cost about $2-$3 USD. These sampler packs are perfect for testing out if you like growing wheatgrass. One of these 15-gram packs will grow one 6″ square tray of wheatgrass.

Seed packets for one larger tray will run $3-$5 USD. These packets are good for an 8″ x 10″ tray. These 50 g packets are another nice test size.

A one-pound bag is a very common size packet for wheatgrass seeds. A bag of 1lb of wheatgrass seeds can cost can cost from $10-$15 USD. A one-pound bag contains about 450 g of wheatgrass seeds.

It’s also possible to buy wheatgrass seeds in bulk. A 40-pound bag might cost $100 USD or more.

Mary Jane Duford
Mary Jane Duford

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