10 ideas for hanging plants

Here are some fresh new ideas for hanging plants and indoor hanging planters you’ll love. Whether you’re looking for traditional hanging planter options or totally unconventional hanging plant holders, there’s something perfect for every type of hanging plant.

Hanging kokedama fern indoor string garden

1. Kokedama moss ball hanging plants

Kokedama is basically hanging plants without hanging plant holders. Instead of a plant pot, the roots of the hanging plant are wrapped with moss and string. Kokedama hanging gardens are well-suited to shade and moisture-loving plants like fern and ivy.

Kokedama hanging planters are easy to make and will last a year or two with regular watering. Make your own kokedama hanging plants with this DIY tutorial or find them pre-made on Etsy.

Hanging plants in macrame plant hanger options

2. Modern macrame hanging plant holders

Macrame is back! It’s a little more modern now, but macrame hanging plant holders are definitely making a steady comeback. I love the look of dark green foliage with white macrame string. Ivy would work beautifully in a hanging planter or even succulents and other low-maintenance houseplants. Make your own macrame hanging plants with these instructions, or order a finished macrame plant hanger on Etsy.

Staghorn fern hanging on tree in rain forest

3. Wall-mounted staghorn ferns

Staghorn fern plants are legit amazing. These guys live on the side of other plants in the wild, making them the perfect hanging plant for your indoor walls! They aren’t planted inside hanging planters like traditional plants, they are fixed to a platform instead. Tons of ideas for hanging plants involve staghorn ferns!

Staghorn ferns are available online for your own DIY projects. Pre-mounted staghorn ferns are also available online and often at local plant shops too.

Tillandsia xerographica air plant on white background

4. Air plants (suspended or hanging from wall)

Air plants are also natural hanging plants that are well-suited to the indoor environment. They look particularly nice in hanging planters made of glass or even wire. Whatever hanging plant holders you choose for your air plants, make sure you can easily remove the air plant from the plant hanger for regular soaking and misting.

There are tons of beautiful collections of air plants at shops and online. Also, check online for glass hanging terrariums or pretty ceramic hanging mini planters for your new air plant babies!

Mix clay with regular potting soil to make these unique hanging string gardens! Kokedama moss balls are wonderful easy houseplants to diy #kokedama #mossball #stringgarden #hanginggarden

5. Ivy anything in a hanging planter

Few hanging plants are as beautiful (and easy to care for) as ivy. Ivy plants are easy to find and inexpensive at local flower stores and garden centers. They don’t mind being in a container. Best of all, they send out lovely trailing leaves cascading down from hanging planters. Many ideas for hanging plants work really well with ivy!

Hanging plants on a window plant rod

6. Window rail hanging plant holders

I am totally in love with window rail hanging plant holders! A rail hung at the top of a sunny window takes advantage of the natural light while keeping the windowsill area clear. Trailing plants (like pothos) can be placed in planters on nearby shelves or hanging planters and then trained to grow around the window rail. Shade and moisture-loving trailing plants could also be trained along a shower rail!

Alternatively, small hanging planters can be fixed directly to the window rail. This allows for non-trailing plants such as edible salad greens and culinary herbs. There are endless ideas for hanging plants!

Hanging plant terrarium for air plants, cacti, or other houseplants

7. Terrarium hanging planters

Hanging terrariums are perfect for housing air plants, succulents, cacti, or even many broad-leaved houseplants. Glass-hanging terrariums show off your favorite plant specimens without stealing the show. Some are round, and others are more of a teardrop shape. Hang them from an invisible fishing line or with a thick, nautical-style rope.

8. Upside-down hanging plant holders

Ok, these are just fun! Whether you’re growing some thyme in your kitchen or some lovely houseplants, there is lovely whimsy in upside-down hanging plant holders. There are even bigger hanging plant holders for salad greens and even upside-down tomatoes!

Hanging herb plants drying against a white wall

9. Hanging herb garden

Hanging herb gardens are a nice way to grow herbs indoors, especially in the cold winter months. There are many ideas for hanging herb plants. If you’re not into growing your herbs indoors all winter, you can create a drying herb garden by hanging culinary herbs. Use them in your favorite dishes (and enjoy how pretty they look!).

Green wall made of hanging houseplants

10. Hanging houseplant wall or moss wall

This is literally my dream. An entire green wall of houseplants would probably be a favorite place in the house! One day maybe ;) I also never tire of moss and even love collecting moss from the wild. Whether your vertical plants cover a whole wall or a small photo frame…it almost doesn’t matter. A houseplant or moss-green wall would be magical!

Hanging plant in macrame plant holder - white and blue dip dyed hanging planter
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