Cosmic Crisp apple

Cosmic Crisp apples are one of my favorite apple varieties because of their perfectly balanced flavor and beautiful coloring. Whether you use this apple variety for cooked apples, applesauce, apple pie, a healthy snack, or other recipes, this apple is sure to impress. Take a look at the history of this delicious apple and the facts. It’s sure to be your new favorite apple in no time.

Cosmic crisp apple

Cosmic Crisp apple

The Cosmic Crisp apple gets its name from the striking lenticels on the apple’s surface. The tasters were reminded of outer space and the cosmos; its name was born. The cosmic crisp originates in Washington state and comes from the parent apple, ‘Honeycrisp.’ When you bite into them, these apples have a crisp texture and are enjoyed worldwide.

The creator of Cosmic Crisp is Bruce Barritt. He is a horticulturist and developer of this amazing apple. He wanted to create a firm, crisp, and juicy apple with a perfect blend of sweet and tart.

Through tons of cross-pollinating and zillions of taste tests, he and his team created the apple of big dreams. The development was paired with research from Washington State University and its fruit breeding program. WSU researchers like Kate Evans are happy that the Cosmic crisp apple is part of their family. You will hear positive remarks about this apple’s crisp texture, striking color, and perfect flavor.

Cosmic crisp

How to Buy Cosmic Crisp Apples

You can purchase Cosmic crisp apples at your local grocery stores. Washington-grown apples of this variety typically ship in October-November, and are available throughout the winter. Speak with your produce department manager to see if they carry this type of apple. You can also check the Where to Buy page to see if these apples come to stores near you.

Cosmic crisp apple slices

What do Cosmic Crisp apples taste like?

Like many apples, these Cosmic crisps have a tart and sweetness that is perfectly balanced in flavor. The apple is widely used for snacking, baking, cooking, juicing, and more. If you want to use an apple, the Cosmic Crisp works perfectly. The apples are extremely crisp to the bite and are slow to brown, making them great for having around the house.

Cosmic crisp apples are slow to brown because they have high levels of both avidity and sugar in them. They don’t oxidize as quickly as some apples, leaving them fresh longer. If you have ever sliced open an apple and watched it turn brown in a matter of minutes, you know the pain. Cosmic crisp apples won’t do this and are, therefore, fantastic for packed lunches for kids.

Identifying apple varieties
Some delicious apples! I’ve tried to arrange these ones from sweetest (on the left) to most sour (on the right). The apples pictured are fuji, envy, ambrosia, gala, cosmic crisp, honeycrisp, jazz, pink lady, mcintosh, granny smith

How to store Cosmic Crisps

Store these apples in your refrigerator for the longest shelf life. This will maintain the freshness and flavor until you are ready to enjoy the apples. The frigid temperatures also help maintain the texture of the apple, which is part of the draw to this variety. When stored properly, these apples last longer than many other apples.

Inside of cosmic crisp apple

Baking and Cooking with Cosmic Crisp Apples

Many people have roasted, baked, and sautéed with these delightful apples only to achieve a remarkable result. The high sugar content delivers lots of natural sweetness to whatever you are making. This allows bakers and chefs to reduce the amount of sugar they add to their recipes. A healthier option if you ask me. The high sugar content also means these apples carmelize beautifully when put over high heat!

These apples are not only naturally sweet but juicy! When baking with these apples, you get a great balance of solids and liquids. Baked goods have the perfect moisture when using Cosmic Crisps. The texture of the apples helps them hold their shape when added to heat as well. This apple is a great option for cooking and baking purposes for so many reasons.

Can I plant my own Cosmic Crisp apple tree?

Cosmic Crisp apple trees are not yet available to most home gardeners, although WSU has started making them available to home gardeners in Washington State. Hopefully, trees of this new cultivar become more widely available in the future!

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