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All about apples, including the best varieties of apple trees to plant, grow, and eat, as well as tips for growing your own apples and for finding the best apples at local markets during harvest season.

Cosmic crisp apple tree

When to prune apple trees

If you grow apple trees in your yard or orchard, you will need to prune them regularly to promote fruit growth. Deciding when to prune apple trees may be tricky, but it's not rocket science. Regardless of whether you have new trees growing or mature apple trees to care for, the pruning requirements are pretty much the same. Take a look at when you should prune apple trees and the best way to do it.
Apple tree

How to prune apple trees

As you plant and care for apple trees, you will need to consider pruning them. Pruning trees don't only make the tree look nice; it helps the tree grow and bear fruit better. Learn about the different types of pruning methods and which you should use for different trees in your orchard. The goal is to give your fruit and branches sunlight and airflow for maximum fruit production! Keep reading to learn how to prune apple trees.