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Apples offer a delicious range of flavors, textures, and colors. From the crisp sweetness of a Honeycrisp to the tart bite of a Granny Smith, apples have delighted palates for millennia. They stand tall in history, folklore, and daily life, symbolizing knowledge, health, and seasonal celebration. This section dives into the orchard world of apples, exploring the vast variety of cultivars, cultivation techniques, and the rich legacy of this iconic fruit.

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Growing your own apple tree

How to grow apples

Wondering how to grow apples? While it can take a few years, caring for an apple tree is quite approachable (even for beginner gardeners). Let’s look at how you can...

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What is a club apple

What is a club apple?

A club apple is a brand-name apple. These specific apple varieties are grown and marketed…

Cosmic crisp apple

Cosmic Crisp apple

Cosmic Crisp is an apple variety developed by Washington State University. A cross between ‘Enterprise’…

Identifying apple trees - honeycrisp

Identifying apple trees

Identifying apple trees starts by determining whether the tree is an apple tree (Malus domestica),…