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All about fruit plants, including fruit trees, berry bushes, and low-growing fruits like strawberries.

Honeycrisp apples

Honeycrisp is perhaps the most sought-after apple variety due to its incredible, unique taste and…

Raspberry trellis - grey wood trellis with horizontal wires and raspberry plants

Raspberry trellis

Having a little row of raspberries growing in the backyard is at the top of…

How to grow strawberry

Mulch for strawberries

Mulch for strawberries in the garden conserves soil moisture, steadies soil temperature, suppresses weeds, and…

When to pick apples

When to pick apples

Wondering when to pick apples? Apple season is in full swing! Everyone is wondering which…

Alpine strawberries in hand

Alpine strawberries

Nurturing a garden often leads us down paths of delightful discovery, and for me, the…