White lavender varieties

White lavender is a stunning addition to the flower garden. The pale-hued flowers contrast beautifully against the green foliage and beside more traditional purple lavender varieties. Here are 8 of the best white lavender varieties to add to your garden.

1. Nana Alba lavender

Nana Alba lavender is perhaps the most popular variety of white lavender to grow. This dwarf variety of English lavender is well suited to the front of border gardens and to growing in containers. ‘Nana Alba’ is a UK heirloom variety bred by Charles Musgrave.

Nana Alba lavender (Lavandula angustifolia ‘Nana Alba’) is a very small variety. Plants reach only 12″-16″ tall (30-40 cm). Nana Alba Lavender is hardy in Zones 5-9. Nana Alba lavender is sometimes called Baby White lavender.

White lavender - ballerina white flowers

2. Ballerina lavender

Ballerina lavender is a specialty variety of Spanish lavender with white flowers. The flower spikes are pink-purple and topped with elegant white petals (sterile bracts). These dainty petals truly do look like ballerinas dancing in the wind. Ballerina lavender is an ornamental variety that is spectacular in the garden and can also be trained to create a beautiful lavender tree topiary.

Ballerina lavender (Lavandula stoechas ‘Ballerina’) is a medium-sized lavender. Plants grow to about 24″ tall (60 cm). This lavender is hardy in Zones 8-9. Ballerina lavender was bred by Peter Carter of New Zealand in the 1990s.

3. Celestial Star lavender

Celestial Star lavender is a taller variety of English lavender with white flowers. This variety is perfect in the garden and as a hedging lavender and can also be used for scented crafts like potpourri. This variety was discovered in New Zealand by Virginia McNaughton.

Celestial Star lavender (Lavandula angustifoliaCelestial Star’) is a medium-tall lavender. Plants typically grow to about 28″ tall (70 cm). Celestial Star lavender is hardy in Zones 5-9.

4. Van Gogh lavender

Van Gogh lavender is a specialty type of Spanish Lavender with elegant green-white petals at the top of flower spikes with light blue-violet flowers. This variety can be used for low hedges or on its own as a feature ornamental. Van Gogh lavender is another introduction from New Zealand in the 1990s.

Van Gogh lavender (Lavandula stoechas ‘Van Gogh’) is a medium-sized lavender. Plants grow to 24″-28″ tall (60-70 cm). This cultivar is hardy in Zones 8-9.

5. Crystal Lights lavender

Crystal Lights lavender is a compact white lavender variety. This type has a rounded small habit with dense green foliage. Crystal Lights is perfect for growing in a pot or for low lavender hedges or garden edging. This variety was bred by Virginia McNaughton in the 1980s (New Zealand).

Crystal Lights lavender (Lavandula angustifolia ‘Crystal Lights’) is a small variety of lavender. Mature plants reach only 16″ tall (40 cm). This variety can be grown in Zones 5-9.

English lavender alba

6. Alba lavender

Alba lavender is a heritage white lavender variety from New Zealand. Although less popular than the tiny Nana Alba Lavender (see above), this larger type is also beautiful in the garden.

Alba lavender (Lavandula angustifolia ‘Alba’) is a medium-sized lavender. Mature plants are typically around 24″ tall (60 cm). This cultivar is hardy in Zones 5-8.

7. Alba lavandin

Alba lavandin is a tall, hybrid white lavender. This heritage variety has silver-grey foliage and very long flower stems. Lavandin ‘Alba’ is much taller than English Lavender ‘Alba’ from New Zealand described above (read more about different types of lavender).

Alba Lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia ‘Alba’) is a large lavender. Plants reach 32″ tall (80 cm). Alba Lavandin is hardy in Zones 5-9.

8. Lacy Frills lavender

Lacy Frills lavender is a compact reblooming white lavender variety. This new variety is known as the only white lavender that can be reliably grown from seed. These compact plants reach only 12″-14″ tall and have a beautiful fragrance.

Even though seeds are available, beginner gardeners will likely have greater success purchasing starter plants as lavender seeds can be tricky to germinate. Lacy Frills is hardy in Zones 5-8.

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