Hostas for the sun (varieties plus growing tips)

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Hostas are such beautiful, tropical-looking plants, that it makes sense to want to plant a few in the sun! While most varieties scorch in full sunlight conditions, there are a few varieties that actually grow their best when planted in sunny spots. Here are the 10 best hostas for sun to try in your garden.

1. Guacamole hosta

Guacamole Hostas are medium-large hostas with variegated green leaves that make great hostas for the sun. The center of the leaves is a lime-green chartreuse shade, while the edges have irregular dark green streaking. Guacamole Hosta develops its best color when grown in full sun. Plants grown in mild climates can generally handle full sun all day, while those in hot climates should be limited to full sun in the morning only. Read more about Guacamole Hostas.

Hostas for sun

2. Sum And Substance hosta

Sum And Substance Hostas are giant, lime-green hostas. These leafy beauties get their best, brightest color when grown in the sun. In mild climates, these plants can be grown in full sun, provided they have consistent water and the soil is not allowed to dry out for long. In warmer areas, some afternoon shade should be provided to give the large leaves respite from the harsh afternoon sun. Read more about Sum and Substance Hostas.

3. Carolina Sunshine hosta

Carolina Sunshine Hosta is a medium-sized variegated hosta. The leaves are dark green with yellow ruffled edges. As the name suggests, Carolina Sunshine is one of the best hostas for the sun. Ensure the plant has lots of water on a consistent basis when planted in full-sun locations.

4. Fragrant Bouquet hosta

Fragrant Bouquet Hostas are medium-large variegated hostas well-suited to sunny planting locations. Leaves are a bright medium-green with creamy white edges. The bright green color of the leaves is best when this variety is planted in full sun. Very hot climates may have to provide some late afternoon shade.

Hostas for sun - best varieties

5. August Moon hosta

August Moon Hosta is a large yellow-green hosta for the sun. The lime-green color of the leaves is brightest when this plant receives 4-6 hours of full sun (preferably in the morning). In climates with hot dry summers, this variety should be given shade in the afternoon, when sunlight can be harsh and desiccate the large leaves.

6. Gold Regal hosta

Gold Regal Hosta is a large hosta with upright-facing yellow-green leaves. This is a sun-tolerant variety that can grow in full-sun locations in mild climates. Like other large hostas, it benefits from afternoon shade in hot climates. The leaves will be a much brighter yellow-green when this plant is grown in sunny locations.

7. Diana Remembered hosta

Diana Remembered Hosta is a medium-sized variegated hosta for the sun. Leaves are a deep green with wide, creamy-white borders. This sun-lover can thrive in full sun planting locations in areas with mild summers but should be given shade in the afternoon in climates with hot summers.

8. Abba Dabba Do hosta

Abba Dabba Do Hosta is a giant variegated hosta with rippled leaves that is well-suited to sunny planting locations. The leaves are dark olive green with an irregular yellow border. The Abba Dabba Do hosta is one of the best hostas for sun, growing well even in climates with hot summers. This variety was a selected mutation from the sun-tolerant “Sun Power” hosta.

9. Korean Snow hosta

Korean Snow Hosta is a small-medium hosta with dark green leaves that are streaked with white. The variegation develops best when this plant receives full sun in the morning. This variety typically needs frequent watering or afternoon shade, as it is not as sun-tolerant as some of the other varieties on this list.

10. Crystal Moon hosta

Crystal Moon Hosta is a medium-large variegated hosta. The dark green leaves have white edges (and the flowers are white too). Like Korean Snow, this variety grows best when given morning sun and afternoon shade.

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