Gardena gardening gloves review

Gardena Gardening gloves are stretchy fabric garden gloves with a rubberized grip surface coating on the palm. These gloves typically come in packs of 10 pairs, which include several colors like teal, coral, and blue. I get some at Costco every spring!

Gardena gardening gloves review

Gardena Gardening Gloves are some of the most popular everyday gardening gloves due to their widespread availability at retailers like Costco and their excellent price point and quality. These gloves are designed for women and come in a One-size-fits-all (which fits most). Each pack of gloves includes a few colors (often green/white, orange/white, and blue/grey).

Gardena Gardening gloves are made of stretchy polyester fabric. The palm and fingertips are coated with latex foam to give the gloves a better grip and provide better protection. While all gardening gloves seem to decrease dexterity, these gloves are somewhat better than looser-fitting options. The stretchy fabric is knitted around the wrist, which helps to keep some of the dirt out of the gloves. The knit circles can stretch out over time (and washing) and allow more dirt in. Avoid storing the gloves with the wrist portion stretched out.

Another benefit of Gardena garden gloves is that they are machine washable at temperatures up to 86° F (30° C). This is a great benefit for those of us who like to wash our gardening gloves at the end of each day. The label on the back of the hand does wear off in the wash over time, but the gloves do last throughout the season despite frequent washing. Heavily-worn gloves may only last one year in the garden (I purchase a new 10-pack each spring).

Gardena garden gloves

Similar gardening gloves

While Gardena gardening gloves are a great choice, there are also lots of other options for stretchy gloves with a coated-grip palm. In addition to Gardena, I also use Digz Garden gloves, Pinetree gardening gloves, bamboo gloves from Magnolia, and stretchy Watson gloves. These are all excellent choices in terms of stretchy, grippy gardening gloves!

Teal garden gloves with stretchy fabric
Gardena gloves - red coral gardening gloves
Gardena gardening gloves
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