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Flower garden tips and tutorials, including how to put together beautiful blooming flower beds, growing perennials and annuals in the garden, and how-to’s for growing specific flowers.

Pink rose varieties

25 pink roses

Pink roses symbolize confidence, elegance, joy, grace, sweetness, desire, and gratitude. While hundreds of pink…

White roses in the garden - rose bush

10 white roses

White roses symbolize eternal love, innocence, purity, reverence, secrecy, and youth. While hundreds of varieties…

How to grow tulips indoors

How to grow tulips indoors

Growing tulips indoors is called “forcing.” The process involves simulating natural outdoor growing by controlling…

Planting a rooted hydrangea

Rooting hydrangeas

Discover the joy of rooting hydrangeas! Learn how to easily take cuttings, root them in soil or water and even layer bent branches. Get ready to add some life to your garden!