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Flower garden tips and tutorials, including how to put together beautiful blooming flower beds, growing perennials and annuals in the garden, and how-to’s for growing specific flowers.

White roses in the garden - rose bush

10 white roses

White roses are absolutely heavenly. These timeless flowers symbolize charm, eternal love, innocence, purity, reverence,…

Planting a rooted hydrangea

Rooting hydrangeas

Discover the joy of rooting hydrangeas! Learn how to easily take cuttings, root them in soil or water and even layer bent branches. Get ready to add some life to your garden!
Naturalizing bulbs - purple crocuses over meadow

Nnaturalizing bulbs

Welcome to the world of naturalizing bulbs. If you’re looking for an easy way to…

How to turn hydrangeas purple

How to make hydrangeas purple

"Discover the secret to making your hydrangeas purple! Learn how to select the right plants, adjust soil pH levels, use fertilizers, and more. Unlock the beauty of purple hydrangeas today!"
Types of lilies

Types of lilies

Explore the 115 species of lilies and more! Learn about Asiatic, Oriental, Trumpet, Species, Easter, Madonna, Martagon, Tiger and Turk's Cap lilies.
Calla lily care

Calla lily care

Bring vibrant beauty to your garden with calla lily care! Learn how to plant, water, fertilize, prune and enjoy these stunning blooms for a picture-perfect garden.
Flower seeds to plant in february

20 flower seeds to plant in February

Grow a beautiful garden this spring with our list of flower seeds to plant in February! From Marigolds to Lupin, get ready for vibrant colors and blooms.
Dragon lily

Dragon lily

Discover the beauty of dragon lilies and learn how to plant, care for, and propagate them in your garden. Enjoy their unique benefits and uses!
Blush peruvian lily flowers

Peruvian lily

"Discover the beauty and benefits of growing a Peruvian Lily! Learn how to plant, care for, and propagate this stunning flower from South America."