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Flower garden tips and tutorials, including how to put together beautiful blooming flower beds, growing perennials and annuals in the garden, and how-to’s for growing specific flowers.

Close up of white amaryllis

White amaryllis

Discover the beauty of white amaryllis and learn how to care for them with our helpful guide. Transform your garden with these majestic blooms and bring joy to your home!
Close up of red lion amaryllis

Red Lion amaryllis

Discover how to bring vibrant color and life to your home with Red Lion Amaryllis! Learn planting tips, troubleshooting advice, creative display ideas, and more.
Light blue hydrangea shrub

How to make hydrangeas blue

"Learn how to make hydrangeas blue with this easy guide! Discover the secrets of soil acidity, aluminum content, species selection, fertilizer, watering and sunlight for beautiful blooms."
Flower seeds to plant in january

10 flower seeds to plant in January

Brighten up your garden this year with these 10 flower seeds to plant in January! From columbine and foxglove to lavender and dahlias, get ready for a colorful summer display.
How to grow tulips

How to grow tulips

Learn how to grow beautiful tulips in your own garden with this easy-to-follow guide. Discover the ideal growing conditions, soil preparation, planting, watering, fertilizing and more for a successful tulip harvest!
How to grow lilies

How to grow lilies

If you’re looking to add a splash of color and fragrance to your garden, growing…

How to grow peonies

How to grow peonies

Learn how to grow peonies in your garden with this easy-to-follow guide. Get tips on ideal growing conditions, planting, watering, fertilizing, pruning and pest control for beautiful blooms!
Winter sowing bachelor buttons

Winter sowing bachelor buttons

Grow beautiful bachelor buttons with winter sowing! Learn the benefits, how-to, and tips for successful winter sowing of bachelor buttons.