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Flower garden tips and tutorials, including how to put together beautiful blooming flower beds, growing perennials and annuals in the garden, and how-to’s for growing specific flowers.

Foxglove care

Foxglove care

Foxglove care is all about ensuring each plant has enough water and sunlight to survive…

Bee balm - monarda - flower close up

Bee balm

Bee balm (Monarda) is a flowering perennial plant native to North America known for its…

Tag for blue moon wisteria - kentucky wisteria macrostachya

Blue Moon wisteria

Blue Moon wisteria is a cultivar of Kentucky wisteria, native to the USA. This long-lived…

True blue delphinium flowers in garden

25+ blue delphinium

Growing blue delphinium flowers is on nearly every gardener’s bucket list. The towering spires of…

Dinner plate hibiscus - pink, white, and red hardy hibiscus

Dinner plate hibiscus

Looking for an easy-care perennial with giant, tropical-like flowers? Look no further than hardy hibiscus!…

Magnolia blossoms and blue sky in spring

Magnolia blossoms

There is nothing quite like a magnolia in full spring bloom. Magnolia blossoms appear just…

Organic fertilizer for peony plants

Fertilizing peonies

Fertilizing peonies is an easy and enjoyable spring task in the perennial flower garden. Peony…

Hellebore plants in small pots laid out on landscape soil

Planting hellebores

The garden centers are open …and that means it’s time to start planting hellebores! These…