Fiskars Pruners: Review of excellent everyday handheld pruning shears

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Fiskars Pruners are a mainstay in the garden and home landscape. These trusty, everyday hand-held pruning shears have certainly earned a spot in my garden tool kit.

Fiskars Pruners are well-made, well-priced pruning shears designed for home gardeners doing light pruning around the yard. Fiskars makes several different models of pruning shears which have synthetic handles and steel blades. These pruners are durable, long-lasting, and come with a lifetime warranty. The blade comes with a non-stick coating, and they’re also quite easy to clean if they get dirty.

Here are some of the most-popular Fiskars Pruners:

Here are some pro-level Fiskars Pruners to consider:

Read on to learn all about Fiskars pruners!

Fiskars pruners - handheld pruning shears for gardening

Fiskars Pruners: Review

Fiskars makes excellent hobbyist-level garden pruning shears and other tools for pruning plants in the home landscape. While the most popular Fiskars pruners are not the highest-end pruners available, they certainly offer excellent value for the price. Fiskars does also offer several pro-level pruner options (listed in the section above).

The most popular Fiskars Pruners are their Steel Bypass Pruning Shears. These pruners are perfect for doing light pruning around the yard on a day-to-day basis. They can cut branches up to a diameter of 5/8 inches wide. Branches larger than this size may require loppers or a pruning saw.

The pruning shears have an easy-to-use lock that is located on the cross-plate. The lock is clearly labeled and brightly colored. The non-slip, cushion-grip handle can be used by both left-handed and right-handed gardeners.

Here’s a video review showing a new pair of Fiskars pruners:

I love Fiskars pruners!

Other pruning shear options

Here are some other pruning shears for use around your yard.

I have quite a few pairs of different pruners and find I reach for different ones in different scenarios.

Happy Gardening!

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