DIY Mitten Ornaments: Festive Mini Felt Mittens For The Christmas Tree

These cute DIY mitten ornaments are absolutely gorgeous on the Christmas tree! They are made of felted fabric with a pretty embroidered snowflake and finished with a classic blanket stitch around the perimeter. They’re the perfect mini mittens to bring the outside in this holiday season.

Mitten Ornaments - Adorable red and grey mini mitten ornaments with embroidered snowflake on felted material

DIY Mini Mitten Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

My Aunty L. first made these mini felted mitten ornaments for me years ago, and I STILL love them so much. I learned to make them and will certainly be making them for many years to come. The mittens remain one of my all-time favourite tree ornaments (along with these felt & wood bead ornaments).

How To Make DIY Mini Felted Mitten Ornaments

These mini felted mittens are pretty easy to make if you’ve done a tiny bit of hand-sewing before. And if you’re new to sewing, they’re a great project to try out a few different types of stitches without much worry about fit.

These mitten ornaments made of red felt (2 pieces) which are stitched together around the outside with a perimeter blanket stitch. One side is embroidered with a pattern before the two pieces are stitched together. The embroidered pattern only goes through the first piece of fabric so that the back of the mitten ornament is plain felt (as if it were the palm of a real mitten).

Supplies for sewing mini mitten christmas tree ornaments

Supplies For Sewing Mitten Ornaments:

  • Felt Fabric (dollar store, fabric store, or even thin/old sweaters)
  • Scissors
  • Thick Embroidery String or Thin Wool
  • Embroidery Needle (with a big-enough eye to fit the string into)
DIY Mitten Ornament for Christmas Tree

Steps For DIY Mitten Ornaments:

  1. Cut out a mitten shape from the felt. I didn’t use a template – it can kind of look fun if there are slightly different sizes and shapes.
  2. Use the shape you’ve just cut out to cut out a matching second shape. Now you have both the front and the back pieces.
  3. Set aside one piece. You’ll be doing the centre embroidery pattern on only one piece per mitten (as if the tiny mitten were going to actually be worn).
  4. Use the embroidery string to create a snowflake pattern on the felt. My Aunt also added four little stitches right across the bottom, which looks very cute. Check Pinterest for holiday embroidery ideas if you get bored of just making snowflakes!
  5. Lay the embroidered piece on top of the plain piece with the pretty side outwards. Stitch them together using a perimeter blanket stitch. Go all the way around the mitten. This perimeter stitch can be done in the same colour as the center pattern or in a different, complementary shade.
  6. Finish the mitten ornament off with a string loop that’s big enough to fit onto a branch, but not so long that the ornament gets all tangled in lower branches.

xo Thank-You Aunty L!!!

Here are some more of my favorite felt Christmas tree ornaments:

Honestly! They couldn’t be cuter :)

red felt mini mitten christmas tree ornament
Felted Embroidered Mitten Christmas Tree Ornaments
Mitten Ornaments
DIY Mitten Ornaments

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