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Lettuce, the quintessential salad star, brings a refreshing crunch to our tables and a lush green to our gardens. With a plethora of varieties, from the buttery textures of Butterhead to the crisp Romaine and the frilly leaves of Tango, there’s a lettuce type to suit every palate.

This section dives into the diverse world of lettuce, offering insights into growing practices, harvesting tips, and storage solutions. Beyond the garden bed, explore the culinary versatility of lettuce, its nutritional profile, and delightful recipes that make it shine. Whether you’re nurturing tender seedlings or crafting a gourmet salad, lettuce promises a journey of taste and garden delight.

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How to grow lettuce

How to grow lettuce

Lettuce is one of the easiest vegetables to learn to grow. With just a little bit of preparation and knowledge about soil requirements, sunlight needs, planting methods, and pest control...

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