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Lettuce, the quintessential salad star, brings a refreshing crunch to our tables and a lush green to our gardens. With a plethora of varieties, from the buttery textures of Butterhead to the crisp Romaine and the frilly leaves of Tango, there’s a lettuce type to suit every palate.

This section dives into the diverse world of lettuce, offering insights into growing practices, harvesting tips, and storage solutions. Beyond the garden bed, explore the culinary versatility of lettuce, its nutritional profile, and delightful recipes that make it shine. Whether you’re nurturing tender seedlings or crafting a gourmet salad, lettuce promises a journey of taste and garden delight.

Iceberg lettuce on wood cutting board

Iceberg lettuce

One of the most widely used lettuce varieties around the world (and certainly in my…

Butter king lettuce

Butter King lettuce

Butter King lettuce is a cultivar of butterhead lettuce known for its rounded, succulent, sweet-tasting…

How to grow lettuce

How to grow lettuce

Lettuce can be grown in an outdoor garden, in pots on the patio, or even…

Parris island cos lettuce

20 lettuce varieties

Looking for a few tasty lettuce varieties to plant in your garden? Here are some of the most popular picks in terms of varieties that you can grow at home from seeds.

Types of lettuce

Lettuce is a common ingredient used in all sorts of recipes. However, even though these…

Lettuce flower buds - black seeded simpson

How to save lettuce seeds

Saving lettuce seeds is a wonderful gardening project for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. To…

Tom thumb lettuce

Tom Thumb lettuce

Tom Thumb lettuce is an American heirloom butterhead lettuce variety known for its small size…

Green oak leaf lettuce

Oak leaf lettuce

Adding some gourmet greens to your garden? Don’t forget to plant Oak Leaf lettuce! Oak…