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Garlic, with its robust aroma and taste, has been a cornerstone in cuisines and traditional medicines for millennia. Revered for both its culinary versatility and its myriad health benefits, garlic transforms dishes with its powerful flavor profile. But beyond the kitchen, garlic’s storied history encompasses tales of strength, protection, and even mystical properties.

This section peels back the layers, diving deep into the world of garlic. Here, you’ll discover its numerous varieties, cultivation methods, and the legends and lore that have followed garlic throughout civilizations. Whether you’re looking to fend off a cold, roast a bulb to perfection, or delve into garlic folklore, this space promises a rich exploration.

Music garlic

Music garlic

Music garlic is a popular hardneck garlic variety. A cultivar of porcelain-type garlic, this cultivar…

Purple garlic bulbs

Purple garlic

Purple garlic refers to varieties of garlic that naturally have purple-colored skin in most growing…

Planting elephant garlic cloves - prep

Elephant garlic

Have you come across elephant garlic at the local market? This fun allium looks like…

Types of garlic

Types of garlic

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15+ garlic varieties

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How to grow garlic

How to grow garlic

To grow garlic, start by choosing a sunny spot with well-draining soil. Plant garlic cloves…