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If you’re getting into gardening, you’re likely aware of the wealth of possibilities for finding inspiration and ideas for your garden. But did you know that some of the most popular blogs about gardening in the world are based right here in Canada?

That’s right. Our country has tons of creative tips, inspiration, and how-to info on everything from planting vegetables to landscape design. From Garden Therapy to Home for the Harvest, Empress of Dirt to Toronto Gardens – these top-notch bloggers have something for everyone interested in growing their own outdoor paradise. Here they are (in no particular order):

1. Garden Therapy, by Stephanie Rose

Garden Therapy is a Canadian gardening blog that’s popular all over the world. Stephanie Rose, a veteran of the gardening world with over two decades of experience, has made it her mission to spread her horticultural wisdom on her website dedicated to helping others learn how this therapeutic activity can reduce stress and anxiety while providing much-needed outdoor recreation.

Gardening can be a calming pursuit that may help alleviate strain, unease, and dejection. It’s also an enjoyable way to get outside and enjoy nature while getting some exercise.

Gardening brings a range of physical advantages, from enhanced muscularity and suppleness to improved poise, control, resilience, and stamina. It can also improve mental health by reducing stress levels and providing a sense of accomplishment when plants are grown successfully. Let Stephanie be your guide through this empowering hobby!

2. Gardening in Canada, by Ashley Labrecque

Gardening in Canada is a popular YouTube channel and blog website by Ashley Labrecque. She is a soil scientist educated in Saskatchewan with a focus on science-based gardening education. Her YouTube channel currently has over 60K subscribers.

The climate here is an essential factor for gardeners to consider. Depending on the locale, your vegetation may necessitate extra defense from freezing temperatures or desiccated conditions. It’s also important to select plants that will thrive in your region and soil type. Knowing what grows best in your area can save time and money and ensure success with your garden project. Ashley is a huge help with all of this and more.

3. Home for the Harvest, by Mary Jane Duford

Home for the Harvest is a Canadian gardening blog based in the Okanagan Valley in the interior of British Columbia. The founder, Mary Jane Duford, lives in plant hardiness Zone 5 and has been an avid gardener since she was a child. And full disclosure – you’re on her website right now!

Mary Jane provides practical advice on everything from planting vegetables to caring for houseplants. She also shares tips on creating beautiful outdoor spaces, such as container gardens and raised beds. Plus, she offers helpful information about pest control and soil health so you can have a successful harvest season every year.

If you’re looking for ways to make your garden more productive or attractive, Mary Jane has plenty of ideas. From using companion plants to attract beneficial insects to growing vertical gardens with trellises or hanging baskets – there are lots of creative solutions that will help you get the most out of your space.

4, Toronto Gardens, by Helen Battersby

Toronto Gardens is a blog from Helen and Sarah Battersby, two sisters who are super proud to come from long lines of English gardeners. They are passionate about gardening in Toronto’s east end, in the province of Ontario.

The siblings have been cultivating their blooms together since they were small, taking all the wisdom and experience from their mom and grandmas. They love to share their knowledge with others through Toronto Gardens, which offers helpful advice on how to create beautiful gardens that thrive in Canada’s climate.

Helen and Sarah believe that anyone can be a successful gardener with the right tools and information. On their blog, they proffer detailed guidelines for the sowing of veggies, blossoms, trees and shrubs; as well as counsel on soil prepping, composting practices and bug control strategies. Their posts also feature creative ideas for landscaping projects such as rock gardens or water features.

They offer practical advice on selecting plants that will survive Canadian winters while still looking great during the summer months. In addition to helping readers choose plants that will do well in different climates across Canada, they also provide suggestions for creating container gardens or window boxes if space is limited at home.

5. Empress of Dirt, by Melissa J. Will

Empress of Dirt is a gardening blog based in Ontario, Canada. It was created by Melissa J. Will, having nurtured a lifelong affinity for horticulture. Her mission is to help people learn how to garden and have fun doing it.

The blog offers tips on everything from choosing the right plants for your area to creating beautiful outdoor spaces with limited resources. She also writes about cultivating edibles organically and sustainably, as well as composting and other green measures.

Melissa’s writing style is friendly and easy to understand; her posts are full of useful information that anyone can use regardless of their level of experience or expertise in gardening. She also includes helpful photos and diagrams so readers can easily follow along with her instructions.

If you’re looking for some guidance when it comes to starting your own garden project, look no further than Empress of Dirt. With Melissa’s help, you can create a space that not only looks great but helps promote sustainability too – all while having fun along the way.

6. Laidback Gardener, by Larry Hodgson

Laidback Gardener is a gardening blog by Larry Hodgson, the author of over 60 books on gardening. His extensive horticultural acumen renders him a perfect reference for gardeners desiring to expand their understanding of the art. He covers topics such as plant selection, soil preparation, pest control, lawn care, and maintenance tips.

With his vast experience in horticulture, Larry offers advice on selecting plants that are suitable for your climate zone and location. He also provides helpful information on how to choose plants that will thrive in different conditions like shade or full sun.

Larry has plenty of ideas when it comes to preparing the soil before planting. From composting to mulching, he explains the importance of creating a healthy environment for your plants with detailed instructions on how best to do this job right.

Overall, Laidback Gardener is an excellent source of information for anyone interested in learning more about gardening from an experienced professional who knows what he’s talking about. If you’re in search of a dependable source for your gardening needs, Laidback Gardener is the perfect spot to visit – it won’t disappoint.

7. Savvy Gardening, with Tara Nolan and Niki Jabbour

Savvy Gardening is a popular gardening blog based in the US, but two of the three main authors are Canadian. Jessica Walliser (USA), Tara Nolan (Canada), and Niki Jabbour (Canada) have been blogging together since 2008. They offer practical advice on all aspects of gardening, from seed starting to composting, and they inspire gardeners of all levels.

Savvy Gardening provides helpful tips on how to start your own vegetable or flower garden, including what type of soil you should use and when to plant certain vegetables. The authors also discuss companion planting—planting different types of plants close together that benefit each other—and how it can help increase yields in your garden.

Organic gardening is a key focus for Savvy Gardening’s authors; they believe that organic methods are essential for creating healthy gardens with minimal environmental impact. They share their knowledge about natural pest control techniques such as using beneficial insects like ladybugs or nematodes, as well as homemade recipes for fertilizers and sprays.

8. Garden Myths, by Robert Pavlis

Garden Myths is a popular gardening blog and website by Robert Pavlis. He is based in southern Ontario but has helped gardeners all over the world.

Gardening can be a tricky pastime to get right, with lots of conflicting advice being shared. Many avid gardeners rely on tales and tips that have been handed down through the ages, yet not all of these pieces of wisdom are necessarily accurate. Robert Pavlis is an experienced master gardener who has dedicated his blog Garden Myths to debunking common gardening misconceptions.

9. Julia Dimakos

Julia Dimakos is a gardening blogger from Mono, Ontario. Since she was young, Julia has been enthusiastic about horticulture and delights in imparting her insight to others.

On her blog, Julia shares helpful advice on topics such as soil preparation, planting vegetables and flowers in containers or raised beds, choosing the right plants for your climate zone, composting and mulching strategies, and pest control methods that are safe for both people and the environment. She also sells and ships seeds within Canada.

The best canadian gardening blogs to follow

10. Donna Balzer

Donna Balzer, a BC-based horticulturist, has been assisting gardeners in maximizing their green spaces for over two and a half decades. She’s a master of horticultural matters, from soil conditioning to plant picking and pest regulation to garden layout. Her blog on her website offers helpful tips, tricks, and advice for anyone looking to create a beautiful outdoor space.

Donna Balzer believes that choosing the right plants for your garden is essential for success. She recommends selecting plants based on their hardiness zone (the area where they will thrive best), as well as considering factors such as light requirements, water needs, size at maturity, and potential pests or diseases that may affect them. When it comes to picking flowers or shrubs with vibrant colors or interesting shapes she suggests going with native species whenever possible since these are better adapted to local conditions than non-native varieties.

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