Spring Vegetable Garden Plan

The Spring Vegetable Garden Plan is a detailed week-by-week guide to growing your own garden. This is a done-for-you garden plan with pre-selected vegetables that are already laid out in a pre-planned garden map. Rather than spending too much money on seeds you won’t grow, invest in a plan for success for you and your vegetable garden:

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What You’ll Get

The Spring Vegetable Garden Plan is a printable PDF file that includes:

  • A 25-page written plan covering exactly what to grow and how to grow it
  • Week-by-week instructions for the entire spring gardening season
  • Recommended varieties for each vegetable in the plan
  • Detailed planting instructions with seed spacing and a garden layout map
  • Care and maintenance instructions, including organic pest management
  • Instructions for how and when to harvest each vegetable

Who This Plan Is For

The Spring Vegetable Garden Plan is for:

  • Beginner gardeners looking for a detailed step-by-step guide to successfully growing vegetables
  • Backyard gardeners with a small vegetable garden (fewer than a half dozen garden beds)
  • Gardeners of all levels who prefer direct sowing to raising and transplanting seedlings
  • Experienced gardeners with no time to plan what to grow (and where to grow it)
  • Gardeners who want to grow classic spring crops like leafy greens, carrots, and peas

Who Is This Plan Not For

The Spring Vegetable Garden Plan is not for:

  • Anyone who has already finished making their own garden plan (including with the free garden planner)
  • Experienced gardeners who start seeds indoors
  • Survivalist gardeners looking to grow as many calories as possible
  • Homesteaders with an extensive gardens grown to feed a family each day