Wreath Supplies: What You’ll Need for Wreath Making

Wreaths are easy to make when you’ve got the right wreath supplies! Here’s what you’ll need for wreath-making (in any season).

Wreath Supply List

Tools and Supplies for Wreath Making Crafts

Wreath Forms

Most wreaths use a wreath form as a base foundation. Wire base forms are the most popular and versatile option. Use a multi-circle wire wreath frame for a full, lush wreath. Metal floral hoop ring forms are perfect for minimalist wreath types. Grapevine wreath forms are also a lovely option to add to your kit of wreath supplies.

Main Bulk Decor Material

Most wreaths have a main wreath material which makes up the bulk of the wreath. For instance, Christmas wreaths often use evergreen branches as the main wreath material. Burlap, ribbon, grapevine, driftwood, and tinsel are other options.

Wreath Making Supplies: Decor Accents

Add decor accents to your wreath after attaching the main bulk material with wire. Decor accents like pinecones, ribbon, dried citrus, and other embellishments are a lovely addition to your wreath-making supplies. Decor accents are generally attached with hot glue (although wire is good too).

Wreath Supplies for Attaching Decor to the Base

Floral wire is a must-have on your list of supplies. Use wire or glue to attache decor materials to the base. It’s common to use wire to attach the main bulk decor material. Some wreath forms come with pre-attached wire, but many makers prefer to use paddle wire. Save hot glue for adding finishing touches.

Wreath Hanger

Wreath hangers are the perfect way to suspend a wreath from a doorway. Make a DIY wreath hanger out of ribbon or pick a top-rated wreath hanger to use year after year.

Deco Mesh

Deco mesh is a type of decorative ribbon often used to dress up a plain wreath. It has a loose weave (like burlap), and is generally a solid colour with some glitter or sparkle. Wrapping a plain wreath with deco mesh in a seasonal colour is a very easy way to re-use a plain wreath all year.

Basic Supplies for Wreath Making Kits

Wreath Kits

Wreath kits are a great option if you don’t have many of the required wreath supplies already. There are some wonderful wreath kits available online. I like this wreath kit because it can be used to create a wreath for any season.

Where to Buy Wreath Supplies

Wreath supplies are easy to find and priced well online and in local dollar stores. Specialty wreath supplies in specialized craft stores are often more expensive.

Wreath Supplies including red berries, floral wire, and wreath form

Wholesale Wreath Supplies

Wholesale wreath-making supplies are generally easiest to find online. You could also work with a local florist to place a bulk wholesale order.

Wreath Making Instructions

Use these instructions to make a simple wreath using your wreath-making supplies! There is even a trick for making your own wreath form, just in case you don’t have one on hand. Any extra floral wire can be used to make these mini wreath Christmas tree ornaments.

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Wreath Supplies

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