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White Tulips

Need to add some new flowers to your garden? You can’t go wrong with adding classic tulips. Tulips come in a variety of colors and make any garden look stunning. Today, we’re going to be talking about the many gorgeous varieties of white tulips, so you can find the perfect fit for your garden! 

Clearwater White Tulips

1. Clearwater tulip

The Clearwater tulip is a classic white tulip variety. These beauties give your garden a sophisticated, modern look. Clearwater flowers have traditional egg-shaped blooms that stand around 24-26” tall and 3-6” wide. This brilliant white, elegant flower blooms in late spring and is good for mass plantings.

2. Ice Princess tulip

The Ice Princess tulip is as pure as it sounds. This upright, funnel-shaped flower has creamy ivory petals with soft flame accents at its base. In mid to late spring, this flower can stand 18-20” in height and 3-6” wide at a full spread. Ice Princess white tulips have some of the largest blooms, with each flower measuring 4″-5″ tall on the stem.

3. Mount Tacoma tulip

The Mount Tacoma tulip is a classic double-white heirloom tulip cultivar. These fragrant blooms are as beloved by florists as they are by gardeners. Mount Tacoma’s white tulips almost look like newly-opening peonies or even gardenias. These ruffled graceful flowers reach 16″-18″ tall in the garden.

Hakuun White Tulips
Hakuun white tulips

4. Hakuun tulip

The Hakuun tulip is a timeless classic meant to withstand hot temperatures. Hakuun is an easy-to-grow Darwin Hybrid variety bred in Japan. This bell-shaped flower has snow-white petals, giving any garden an elegant look. In mid-spring, the Hakuun tulip can stand 20-22” in height and 3-6” at a full spread. 

5. Spring Green tulip

The Spring Green tulip is an elegant flower made up of white petals with green, feathered leaves. At full bloom, you can expect these flowers to stand 20-22” tall and 3-6” at a full spread. The Spring Tulip blooms in late spring, making it the perfect flower for elegant wedding bouquets. This flower has an upright, double-bell shape giving you that classic tulip look. 

Danceline White Tulips
Danceline tulips

6. Danceline tulip

The Danceline tulip doesn’t look like your average tulip! It has been mistaken by many as a peony because of its feathered petals. This tulip has an elegant appearance with thick, white petals that have berry red flecked tips and bright, yellow stamens. It truly does look like a Festiva Maxima peony!

With full sun and partial shade, the Danceline tulip stands at around 20-22” tall and 6” wide at full bloom. This beautiful tulip will be ready to bloom in late spring, providing a lovely vibrance to your garden.

7. White Lizard tulip

The White Lizard tulip is quite a unique white tulip variety. This special flower has a parrot-like appearance with creamy white feathery petals flecked with vibrant green and blue accents.

These fragrant, easy-to-grow flowers bloom in mid to late spring and stand shorter than other tulips at 12-14” tall. At full bloom, these snow-white flowers spread to around 3-6” wide. These lizard-like flowers will make the perfect colorful addition to your garden. 

8. Ice Age tulip

The Ice Age tulip is a multi-layered white tulip with rounded flowers that look almost like white peonies. These sturdy, wintery flowers have an artichoke-like, ball-shaped appearance with thick white petals embraced in bright green leaves. In late spring, the Ice Age Tulip can reach 16-18” in height and 4” wide at full bloom.

9. Eyelash tulip

The Eyelash tulip is a stunning fringed white tulip with a hot pink-purple center. Just like eyelashes bring out the eye’s beauty, the same goes for these Eyelash Tulips. These soft white, classic-shaped tulips have a brilliant purple fringe on the petals. In late spring, you can expect these flowers to reach 22” in height and 3-6” at a full spread.

10. Snow Crystal tulip

The Snow Crystal tulip is an incredible double-white tulip variety with fringed petals. This new variety has a peony-like puffball shape. Flowers stand at 12″-16″ tall, depending on conditions. Snow Crystal is one of the best types of fringed double pure white tulips.

11. Purissima tulip

The Purissima tulip is a large, classic-shaped snow-white flower with sturdy stems and a bright green and yellow base. These flowers will stand 12-16” tall and 4-6” wide in mid to late spring. Purissima tulips are a variety of Fosteriana (also known as Emporaror) tulips, known for their tall and sturdy stems.

12. Pays Bas tulip

The Pays Bas tulip is known for its creamy white velvet-like petals and classic funnel-shaped form. This flower blooms in mid to late spring, standing at 24” tall and 3-6” wide at full bloom. This flower is notoriously beautiful for moonlit gardens or seasonal borders.

13. Shirley tulip

The Shirley tulip is an ivory, classic-shaped, purple-tipped flower that pairs well with its sister “Negrita” (a deep purple tulip) for a majestic garden feel. In mid to late spring, these flowers stand 20-26” tall and 2-6” at full bloom.

14. Beautytrend tulip

The Beautytrend tulip is the Barbie Doll of the tulip world. With creamy white petals, contrasted with bright pink trim, these flowers are sure to catch anyone’s attention! In mid-spring, these flowers stand at 20” in height and 3-6” at a full spread.

15. North Pole tulip

The North Pole tulip is a modern introduction with a flared tulip shape and delicately fringed petals. These white tulips are particularly late-blooming, helping gardeners to extend their tulip season into late spring. North Pole tulips tend to grow to about 18″ tall.

16. White Triumphator tulip

The White Triumphator tulip is a large, ivory flower with a lily-like appearance. Their petals are more spread out but still have a bell-shaped bottom. With plenty of sunlight, you can expect these flowers to reach 22-26” tall and 5-6” at full bloom in late spring.

17. Catherina tulip

The Catherina tulip is a classic-shaped creamy white flower, perfect for making a sophisticated statement. In late spring, this flower stands at a whopping 24” tall and 3-6” at a full spread.

18. White Marvel tulip

The White Marvel tulip is an early-blooming white tulip variety with a classic shape. These ivory-white blooms stand 16″-18″ tall. This newer variety is relatively resistant to disease and pest pressures.

19. Coldplay tulip

The Coldplay tulip is a classic-shaped white flower streaked with red flames and fringed petals. In late spring, this flower will be 16-18” in height. Coldplay Tulips are one of the most highly-fringed of the edged white tulips available.

20. Graceland tulip

The Graceland tulip is an egg-shaped creamy white flower with brilliant pink flames. In mid-spring, these flowers stand at 20” in height and 3-6” at a full spread.

21. Pim Fortuyn tulip

The Pim Fortuyn tulip is a delicate Dutch beauty with its snow-white petals and a classic-shaped form. These flowers can withstand harsh conditions and are best presented in a moonlit garden to fully witness their pure white beauty. In mid-spring, these flowers will stand at 12-18” in height and 4-6” at a full spread. 

diana white tulip plants

22. Diana white tulip

The Diana tulip is a classic simple white tulip. This clean, understated flower is perfect for those looking for a timeless white tulip for the garden. The plants typically grow 10″-16″ tall, making them perfect for the front of a border garden or lining a pathway in the spring.

white double tulip


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