30+ white pumpkins

White pumpkins are Cucurbita winter squash varieties with naturally white-color rinds. Some white pumpkin cultivars are mini-sized, while others can make giant Jack-O-Lanterns! Here are 30+ of the most popular white pumpkin varieties.

Lumina white pumpkins
Lumina white pumpkins

1. Lumina pumpkin

Lumina Pumpkins are medium-sized white pumpkins. These beauties weigh 10-12 pounds each and make fantastic Jack-O-Lanterns. These round pumpkins have slight ribs and smooth rinds. This white pumpkin takes 3-4 months to grow on vining, open-pollinated plants.

White pumpkins of different varieties

2. Cotton Candy pumpkin

Cotton Candy pumpkins are medium-sized round white pumpkins. Each squash weighs 5-12 pounds, making them great for kids. Unlike most other white pumpkins, the Cotton Candy has white flesh inside. This white pumpkin can take 3-4 months to ripen.

Casperita pumpkins
Casperita pumpkins

3. Casperita pumpkin

Casperita pumpkins are bright white mini pumpkins. Each fruit is under a pound, with over a dozen pumpkins growing on a single plant. This white pumpkin is great for decorating and for cooking. Casperita pumpkins take 2-3 months to mature.

4. Super Moon pumpkin

Super Moon pumpkins are large, round, hybrid pumpkins with a ghostly-white rind. These pumpkins weigh between 25-35 pounds and can reach up to 50 pounds in good condition. Super Moon Pumpkin plants are vigorous, disease-resistant, and set their fruit early.

This white pumpkin matures quickly for such a large variety. The interior flesh of this variety is yellow and can be roasted to make pumpkin puree for fall soups and baking. The Super Moon pumpkin was named an All-America Selections winner in 2016.

Snowball pumpkins
Snowball pumpkins

5. Snowball pumpkin

Snowball pumpkins are adorable round white mini pumpkins. This variety is a high-yielding hybrid, with disease-resistant plants producing 6-12 pumpkins which each weigh 1-3 pounds.

These little fruits are wonderful for small children, as they have a classic pumpkin shape, but are lighter to lift than many varieties. Snowball Pumpkins are also great for painting and other autumn decorating and crafts for kids.

6. New Moon pumpkin

New Moon pumpkins are very large hybrid white pumpkins. Most New Moon pumpkins grow to 40-50 pounds, but some have reached 75 pounds. These pumpkins make wonderful giant Jack-O-Lanterns.

The plants are quite vigorous. Pumpkins will grow largest if fruits are thinned to 1-3 pumpkins per plant. The New Moon Pumpkin is one of the largest white pumpkin varieties in the marketplace.

7. Baby Boo pumpkin

Baby Boo Pumpkins are tiny white mini pumpkins. These ribbed little fruits are a creamy white version of the popular orange Jack-Be-Little mini pumpkin. Each white Baby Boo Pumpkin is only 2″-3″ wide, and they generally weigh less than a quarter pound. While these little squash are mainly used for decor, they are also edible and can be roasted whole for an adorable autumn dish.

Similar to orange pumpkin seeds, white pumpkin seeds also make for a delicious snack! Since this pumpkin produces about 400 seeds per pound, it is an excellent choice for roasted pumpkin seeds.

Flat white boer pumpkins
Flat white boer pumpkins

8. Flat White Boer pumpkin

Flat White Boer pumpkins are medium-large white pumpkins with a flattened shape. Pumpkins typically weigh about 15 pounds but can reach 25-30 pounds in good growing conditions. The inside of these pumpkins is bright orange, with sweet flesh that is excellent for cooking.

9. Polar Bear pumpkin

Polar Bear pumpkins are an extra-large hybrid variety of white pumpkins. They reach 30-65 pounds but can grow to exceed 100 pounds. These big pumpkins take 3-4 months to mature on the vine. Polar Bear pumpkin is perhaps the largest white pumpkin variety widely available.

10. Moonshine pumpkin

Moonshine pumpkins are medium-sized round white pumpkins with dark green stems. These pumpkins average about 10 pounds each, and have a smooth rind perfect for painting, decorating, or carving a bright white Jack-O-Lantern.

11. Valenciano pumpkin

Valenciano Pumpkins are medium-sized, heirloom, flattened true-white pumpkins. These open-pollinated fruits weigh 10-15 pounds each, with subtle ribs down the sides. The rind is smooth and easy to carve or decorate. Inside the pumpkin, the flesh is pale orange and dense – perfect for baking applications.

Casper pumpkins
Casper pumpkins

12. Casper pumpkin

Casper pumpkins are medium-sized rounded white pumpkins with a bright orange interior. Each pumpkin weighs 10-12 pounds. The flesh is great for baking and making pumpkin puree. They also make fantastic decor and carved pumpkins (and really do resemble a friendly ghost!).

13. Stella Luna pumpkin

Stella Luna pumpkins are medium-sized hybrid white pumpkins with wide ribs. These gorgeous squash weigh 12-15 pounds each, growing on reliable, disease-resistant plants. Stella Luna Pumpkins are wonderful for decor (and easy to grow!).

14. Gooligan pumpkin

Gooligan pumpkins are deeply-ribbed hybrid mini-white pumpkins. They grow to only 2″-3″ wide, weighing a quarter pound each (often just a tiny bit bigger than Baby Boo mini white pumpkins). Gooligan pumpkins are edible and can be roasted whole for adorable veggie side dishes.

Large white pumpkins

15. Crystal Star pumpkin

Crystal Star pumpkins are large, round, white pumpkins. These stunning pumpkins are generally about a foot wide, weighing 25-35 pounds, and make incredible big carving pumpkins. The smooth rind can also be painted.

16. Specter pumpkin

Specter pumpkins are medium-sized creamy-white pumpkins with a warty, bumpy rind. Hybrid plants are disease-resistant and heavy producers. Each pumpkin weighs an average of 12-20 pounds.

17. White Cushaw pumpkin

White Cushaw pumpkins have oddly shaped heirloom white pumpkins with curved necks at the top. Also known as the Jonathon Pumpkin or the White Salem Pumpkin, these heritage squash are an American classic. Each White Cushaw Pumpkin weighs about 12-15 pounds but can reach 20 pounds in good condition.

18. Flat Stacker pumpkin

Flat Stacker pumpkins are hybrid white pumpkins with a very flat frame. These modern pumpkins were bred to resemble the heirloom Flat White Boer pumpkin, but with more productive plants (and greater uniformity among the pumpkins). Ripe Flat Stacker Pumpkins weigh 15-25 pounds each.

19. Blanco pumpkin

Blanco pumpkins are small-medium round white pumpkins. These hybrids keep their bright white color quite well, even when exposed to excess sunlight and cold temperatures. Each Blanco Pumpkin weighs 4-6 pounds, making them a perfect size for easy carving or decorating with kids.

If you need some carving ideas, for your next Blanco jack-o-lantern, here is a post full of some spooky designs!

20. Silver Moon pumpkin

Silver Moon pumpkins are small-medium hybrid pumpkins with a blue-white rind. They really do look a bit silver-colored on the outside, while the inside flesh is a rich, dark orange. They have a flattened shape with wide ribs. Each ripe Silver Moon Pumpkin weighs about 5-6 pounds.

21. Shiver pumpkin

Shiver pumpkins are small, round, white pumpkins with dark green stems. Shive Pumpkins weigh about 2 pounds each and grow on bushy, hybrid plants (perfect for small spaces).

22. Moon Stacker pumpkin

Moon Stacker pumpkins are medium-sized flat white hybrid pumpkins. The interior flesh is bright yellow/orange. Each ripe Moon Stacker Pumpkin weighs 10-15 pounds on average.

23. Silver-edged pumpkin

Silver Edged pumpkins are small-medium, round, white heirloom pumpkins with dark green stripes down the side. Each Silver Edged pumpkin weighs 5-8 pounds. This pumpkin is named after the coloration of its seeds, which develop a “silver edge”. While the flesh of this pumpkin is not used for cooking, the seeds are often saved for roasting.

24. Tandy pumpkin

Tandy pumpkins are small-medium-sized, creamy-colored hybrid pumpkins. They have slight ribbing and stand quite tall. Ripe fruits weigh 4-8 pounds each. They make wonderful decor pumpkins and are also great for cooking with.

25. Honey Moon pumpkin

Honey Moon pumpkins are medium-sized hybrid white pumpkins. They have a honey-white color to the rind, with slight ribbing. Ripe Honey Moon pumpkins weigh about 10 pounds.

26. Blue Ice pumpkin

Blue Ice pumpkins are medium-large hybrid pumpkins with a blue-white rind. These pumpkins have a slightly flattened shape, and smooth, irregular peels. Ripe Blue Ice Pumpkins weigh 15-20 pounds each.

27. Moon Beam pumpkin

Moon Beam pumpkins are small-medium hybrid white pumpkins. These pumpkins have a round shape and weigh 7-8 pounds each when ripe. The rind is a shiny cream-white color and the strong stems are dark green.

White pumpkins

28. White Knight pumpkin

White Knight pumpkins are large white hybrid pumpkins. They have a flattened shape and wide, deep ribs. Fully-grown White Knight Pumpkins weigh 20-30 pounds each.

29. Moon Whisper pumpkin

Moon Whisper pumpkins are medium-sized white hybrid pumpkins with thick, pronounced ribs. They have a flattened shape and stack well. Ripe pumpkins average 14 pounds in weight.

30. Star pumpkin

Star pumpkins are large, white, flattened hybrid pumpkins. The thick rind helps these pumpkins store for a long time. Ripe fruits typically weigh 25-35 pounds.

31. Moon Light Pumpkin

Moon Light pumpkins are medium-large hybrid white pumpkins. They are very flat with wide ribs down the side. Ripe Moon Light Pumpkins weigh in the range of 12-25 pounds, and are typically 14″ wide.

32. White Delight pumpkin

White Delight pumpkins are medium-sized hybrid pumpkins with a striped rind. Most of the peel is a light grey-blue color, but there are white stripes down the inner ribs of the pumpkin. Ripe “White Delight” pumpkins weigh 12-15 pounds. This variety is excellent for eating and for decor purposes.

33. Buffy Pumpkin

Buffy pumpkins are small white hybrid pumpkins with a slight pear shape. They are good for both decor purposes and for edible applications in pumpkin recipes. Try substituting it to make a white pumpkin pie! Ripe fruits weigh about 2 pounds each.

34. Full Moon pumpkin

Full Moon pumpkins are large white pumpkins with a round shape and pale yellow flesh. Most Full Moon Pumpkins weigh 25-30 pounds, making them excellent for large Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns. Ripe pumpkins can reach 60-90 pounds in good growing conditions.

35. Amish Pie squash

Amish Pie squash is an extra-large white winter squash developed to make delicious baked goods. These giant white pumpkins can reach 60-80 pounds when ripe! The rind is a creamy white, sometimes with a bit of orange showing through. Amish Pie Squash has dense, sweet flesh that stays somewhat moist in a purée.

White pumpkins
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