23 variegated hostas

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Variegated hostas are the perfect way to add some visual interest to the shady corners of your yard. These plants have gorgeous foliage with interesting patterns over the surface of each leaf. Some hostas have white variegation while others have green or even a blue tone. There’s truly a variegated hosta for every spot! Here are 23 of the prettiest variegated hosta varieties to consider for your yard.

Variegated hostas - patriot

1. Patriot hosta

Patriot hosta is one of the most popular hostas in the world. This medium-sized hosta has dark green leaves with wide white edges. Patriot is perfect at the front of a border garden, along a woodland path, or even growing in a container.

Fire and ice hostas

2. Fire and ice hosta

‘Fire and Ice’ is another very popular variety. This medio-variegated hosta is a reverse version of ‘Patriot’, as it has ivory white leaves with irregular dark green edges. This is one of the most vigorous medio-variegated varieties (especially if the plants get some direct light in the morning).

Frances williams hosta

3. Frances Williams hosta

‘Frances Williams’ is a large variegated hosta with thick blue green leaves that have wide, irregular green-yellow borders. The chartreuse shade of the outer variegation is darker in the shade and more of a yellow lime-green if the plant gets morning sun. The thick yellow edges can burn in hot climates if the plant is not sited in the shade.

Medio-variegated hosta - captain kirk

4. Captain Kirk hosta

‘Captain Kirk’ is a medio-variegated hosta, meaning the lighter variegation is in the center of the leaf rather than along the edges. The center of the leaves of this variety is a lime chartruse shade, while the outer edges are more of a medium green. Medio-variegated hostas can be slower-growing than hostas with leaf-edge variegation but are just as lovely in the garden. Give them a bit of morning sun for the best color contrast.

Guacamole hosta

5. Guacamole hosta

‘Guacamole’ is a lovely variety with green-gold leaves with a dark green edge. The yellow-green leaf center and dark green margin really does resemble an avocado. This variety is also very tolerant of the sun, and can typically be grown in full sun in zones 3-7 as long as the plant has enough water.

Francee hosta

6. Francee hosta

‘Francee’ is another medium-sized hosta with beautiful variegation. Like the patriot hosta, the leaves of this plant are dark green with white margins that have a ruffled edge. Francee is perfect for growing in mass plantings or as an accent plant in the garden.

June hosta

7. June hosta

‘June’ hosta is a medium-sized variety with lime green leaves that have dark blue-green edges. The contrast can be subtle in the shade and more pronounced when the plant gets some direct sunlight in the morning. This variety is easy to grow and can also be planted in a pot for an interesting shade container plant.

El nino hosta plants

8. El Nino hosta

‘El Nino’ is an elegant variegated variety with blue-grey leaves and irregular white leaf edges. While some hostas have creamy yellow-white variegation, the edges of these leaves are truly pure snow white. These plants form a nice mound of overlapping leaves and are perfect for edging plants or even container plants.

9. American dream hosta

‘American Dream’ is a light green medium-sized hosta with white-margined leaves. These plants form a nice dense mound of slightly cupped leaves. On established plants, the variegated white edge can be 2 inches wide (or more), making for a striking leaf pattern.

Earth angel leaf

10. Earth angel hosta

Earth angel hosta is a very popular variegated version of the classic blue angel hosta. This is a very large hosta with blue-green leaves that have irregular lime green and even yellow margins. The streaked and splashed leaves can look quite a bit like the oceans and forests of the globe. A bit of morning sun or dappled shade can help to bring out the variegation.

Fantabulous hosta

11. Fantabulous variegated hosta

‘Fantabulous’ is a lovely hosta with narrow pointed leaves. The center of the leaves is a nice dark green color while the edges are an ivory white. The edges of the leaves turn more of a yellow color in warm climates (zones 8-9) or if the plant is getting lots of light.

Whirlwind variegated hosta

12. Whirlwind hosta

Whirlwind hosta is a medium-sized plant with thick yellow leaves edged in dark blue-green. The leaves are often streaked, which is highlighted by the upright twisting leaves. This variety is easy to grow and is often planted in large groups as a totally unique groundcover.

13. Border bandit hosta

‘Border Bandit’ is a small variegated hosta often used at the front of shady border gardens. The leaves are a beautiful blue-green tone (as this variety was bred from Halcyon) with a creamy yellow-white edge. The leaves are a little bit twisted and slightly rippled along the edge.

14. Dancing in the rain hosta

‘Dancing in the Rain’ is a unique medio-variegated hosta whose leaves are almost entirely an ivory white tone. The edges of the leaves have very dark green-blue irregular streaks and stripes. The thick leaves of this variety are also naturally pest-resistant.

Snake eyes hosta leaf

15. Snake eyes hosta

‘Snake Eyes’ is a specialty hosta with tricolor leaves. The leaves are light green in the middle and dark green on the edges, but there is a thin stripe of white between the two main tones. The long leaves and white streaks really do give this variety an eye-like pattern.

16. Christmas tree hosta

Christmas tree hosta is a large variegated hosta with very thick dark green leaves. The edges of the leaf are almost white, especially if the plant has an hour or two of direct sunlight in the morning (in cooler climates). Mature plants have a conical shape, making this variety somewhat similar to a summertime Christmas tree!

Wide brim hosta

17. Wide brim hosta

‘Wide Brim’ is a popular medium-sized variety with green-blue leaves and a thick, irregular yellow leaf margin. This variety needs more light than some others to really show off the contrasting colors of the foliage. The leaves look almost tropical in good growing conditions with their sometimes-streaked edges.

Frozen margarita hosta

18. Frozen margarita hosta

‘Frozen Margarita’ is a light yellow-green hosta with white-edged leaves. The edges are quite thin and irregular and can turn yellow in bright light. This variety is quite tolerant of the sun as long as it has adequate moisture. This variety is also known for its adaptability as a container plant and for its fragrant blooms.

19. Liberty hosta

Liberty hosta is a large variety with dark green-blue leaves with wide yellow edges. This plant is known for its gorgeous variegation, with the creamy yellow margins stretching over 2 inches wide on healthy mature plants. The margins tend to start out a cream-yellow color and fade to ivory throughout the season.

So sweet hosta leaf

20. So sweet hosta

‘So Sweet’ is a medium-sized variegated variety with fragrant flowers. The dark green leaves have yellow-white borders. Sometimes the leaves have light green streaks running down them. The edges of each leaf are a little bit rippled, showing off the lovely edge tone of this plant.

Praying hands hosta

21. Praying hands hosta

Praying hands hosta is a unique specimen plant with thin twisted upright leaves. The dark green leaves have a very thin yellow edge, highlighting the twists in the foliage. The leaves are almost rolled up and rise upward from the base of the plant, bending outwards toward the tip. This is a very interesting variegated hosta variety to add to your garden!

Queen josephine hosta

22. Queen Josephine hosta

‘Queen Josephine’ is a medium-sized variegated hosta with glossy dark green leaves that have yellow edges. The edges of the leaves turn a glossy ivory white as the season progresses. Queen Josephine is a good variegated hosta to consider if you prefer the look of shiny glossy leaves.

23. Paradigm

‘Paradigm’ is a large hosta with thick chartreuse leaves that have dark green edges. The leaves are puckered and overlap to create a wide mound of rippled leaves. The thick leaves make this hosta naturally resistant to slugs and snails.

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