21 tulip varieties

Tulips are the classic flower of spring. While there are thousands of different cultivars to choose from, a few varieties stand out among the rest. Here are 21+ of the best tulip varieties for your garden or springtime floral arrangement.

Varieties of tulips - pink impression

1. Pink Impression tulip

The Pink Impression tulip is a large-flowered, reliable bright pink tulip variety. These long-lasting plants grow sturdy stems to hold up the 4″-5″ flowers each year. This variety is stunning in flower borders and also as a cut flower. Pink Impression is a Darwin Hybrid type of tulip that can be grown as a perennial flower in Zones 3-8.

Pink Impression tulips grow to 24″-26″ tall and bloom in mid-spring. Pink Impression was introduced by Van der Wereld in 1979.

Queen of night - popular tulip variety
Queen of night tulip

2. Queen of Night

The Queen of Night tulip is a wildly popular dark purple-black tulip variety. These stunning flowers have deep velvety petals on very tall, sturdy stems. While this type is wonderful in the garden, they also make very long-lasting cut flowers in bouquets. It is perhaps the most popular of the black tulip varieties.

Queen of Night tulips grow to reach 28″-30″ tall. Queen of Night was introduced by J.J. Grullemans & Sons in 1944.

Tulip varieties - foxtrot tulip
Foxtrot tulip

3. Foxtrot tulip

The Foxtrot tulip is a gorgeous double-pink tulip variety that almost looks like a peony in bloom. The voluminous ruffled blossoms are a creamy white color at first but mature to a lovely pink shade. This double early tulip variety is also known for its sweet scent and short, sturdy stems.

Foxtrot is a wonderful choice if you like pink tulips. This type is also great if you love peonies so much you’d like the season to start early, as these lovely flowers are sometimes referred to as peony tulips.

Foxtrot tulips grow to reach 14″-16″ tall and bloom in mid-spring. Foxtrot was introduced by Vertuco B.V. in 2000.

Negrita tulips - triumph type
Negrita tulips

4. Negrita tulip

The Negrita tulip is a stunning purple tulip variety. The petals are a solid dark purple color with faint dark-red lines. Flowers are large, reaching 4″-5″ each on healthy plants. Negrita tulips are a violet variety of Triumph tulips, a type known for their cupped flower shape and vibrant colors.

Negrita tulips grow in the range of 16″-18″ tall and bloom in mid-spring. Negrita was introduced by Jac. Tol in 1970.

Tulip varieties - black hero tulip

5. Black Hero tulip

The Black Hero tulip is a spectacular dark purple-black flower with multiple layers of petals. The flowers are large, reaching 4″-5″ each. This cultivar originated as a sport (natural mutation) of the popular Queen of the Night tulip. Black Hero is a double late tulip variety.

Black Hero tulips grow to 20″-22″ tall and bloom in late spring, typically late April into early May. Black Hero was introduced by J. Beerepoot in 1984.

Popular tulip varieties - flaming flag
Flaming flag tulip

6. Flaming Flag tulip

The Flaming Flag tulip is a purple-white bi-color tulip variety. The pale white petals are streaked with vibrant purple, giving this tulip the look of a classic Rembrandt tulip. This variety has sturdy stems and beautiful grey-green foliage. Flaming Flag is a Triumph type of tulip that develops its best petal color when grown in full sun.

Flaming Flag tulips grow to reach 14″-16″ tall and bloom in mid-spring. Flaming Flag was introduced by Sylvestris B.V. in 2007.

Apeldoorn tulip - red darwin hybrid variety

7. Apeldoorn tulip

The Apeldoorn tulip is a classic red tulip that stands on strong, tall stems. They have solid cherry-red petals with a black base inside the base of the flower. This classic choice is perfect for spring border gardens and tall vases of cut flowers. Apeldoorn is a Darwin Hybrid tulip, a type known for its large elegant flowers atop long stems. This variety is one of the best red tulip varieties to grow.

Apeldoorn Tulips grow to reach 24″-26″ tall and bloom in mid-spring. Apeldoorn was introduced by D.W. Lefeber & Co. in 1951.

Tulip varieties - black parrot tulips
Black parrot tulips

8. Black Parrot tulip

The Black Parrot tulip is a richly-colored and ruffled tulip variety to grow and to add to spring floral arrangements. These stunning flowers have a dark purple-black color with feathered streaks of green. This variety is a parrot tulip, a type of tulip with wavy frilled petals.

Black Parrot tulips grow to reach about 20″-22″ tall and generally bloom in late spring. Black Parrot was introduced by C. Keur & Sons in 1937.

Queensland tulip - fringed variety
Queensland tulip

9. Queensland tulip

The Queensland tulip is a unique frilly pink tulip variety. This type is a double tulip with multiple petal layers. The rich rose-colored petals have a light pink to the white fringe. Queensland flowers are lovely in the garden but make truly stunning cut flowers in fresh spring bouquets. This variety is one of the best-fringed types and also one of the most unique double tulips to grow.

Queensland tulips grow to be 16″-18″ tall and bloom in mid-spring. Queensland was introduced by Vertuco B.V. in 2006.

Banja luka tulip- darwin hybrid variety
Banja luka tulips

10. Banja Luka tulip

The Banja Luka tulip is a popular yellow-red bi-color tulip variety. The richly-colored apricot yellow petals are feathered with ruby-red streaks. These gorgeous patterned flowers arose as a sport (natural mutation) of the Apeldoorn tulip. As a Darwin Hybrid, this variety has large 5″ flowers and tall, strong stems.

Banja Luka tulips grow to about 22″ tall and flower in mid-spring to late spring. Banja Luka was introduced by MTS Houtman & Konijn in 1998.

Silver parrot tulip
Silver parrot tulip

11. Silver Parrot tulip

The Silver Parrot tulip is a ruffled pink parrot tulip variety. Pale pink petals are streaked with a rich rose-pink tone. This type is known not only for its giant textured flowers but also for the thin white variegations in its green leaves. Its pretty pink petals and variegated foliage make Silver Parrot one of the most popular parrot-type varieties.

Silver Parrot tulips grow to reach 16″-18″ tall and typically bloom in late spring. Silver Parrot was introduced by Fa. H.G.M. Huyg & Zn. in 1999.

Red impression tulips
Red impression tulips

12. Red Impression tulip

The Red Impression tulip is a stately red classic single-petaled tulip. This popular red variety is disease-resistant and easy to grow. Flowers are large, often reaching 5″ each, and stand atop strong stems. Red Impression is a Darwin Hybrid type of tulip, a category known for its rich petal colors and tall stems. These classic tulips are a must-have in a vibrant spring flower bed.

Red Impression Tulips (Tulipa Darwin hybrid ‘Red Impression’) grow to reach a height of 24″-26″ tall and tend to bloom in mid-spring.

Orange emperor tulips
Orange emperor tulips

13. Orange Emperor tulip

The Orange Emperor tulip is one of the best varieties of orange tulips to grow. These long-time favorites are among the earliest tulips to bloom in the spring. The sunny orange petals with delicate points form large flowers prized by florists. This variety (Tulipa fosteriana ‘Orange Emperor’) is one of the most well-known Fosteriana-type cultivars.

Orange Emperor tulips grow to 14″-16″ tall and bloom in early spring. Orange Emperor was introduced by Segers in 1962.

Candy prince tulips
Candy prince tulips

14. Candy Prince tulip

The Candy Prince tulip is a favorite pale-lilac variety of tulips. These lovely little early bloomers are a wonderful way to brighten up the garden after winter. This type has classic egg-shaped blooms and is perfect for flower borders and as a cut flower. Candy Prince is a single early tulip variety.

Candy Prince tulips grow to reach 12″-14″ tall and bloom in early spring. Candy Prince was introduced by Holland BolRoy Markt B.V. in 2001.

Rococo parrot tulip
Rococo parrot tulip

15. Rococo Parrot tulip

The Rococo Parrot tulip is one of the most unique tulip varieties available. These classic stunners are known for their voluminous ruffles and dramatic outer streaks of green. Rococo is prized by both gardeners and florists for its intense dark petal color, feathery petals, and unique flower form. Rococo remains one of the most popular parrot tulip varieties.

Rococo Parrot tulips grow to reach about 14″ tall and typically bloom in late spring. Rococo was introduced by H. Slegtkamp & Co. in 1942.

Grand perfection tulip
Grand perfection tulip

16. Grand Perfection tulip

The Grand Perfection tulip is a striking white and red bicolor tulip variety. Its pale white petals are dramatically streaked with vibrant red flame-like patterns up the sides. While the white background shade is creamy-yellow when the flowers first appear, it lightens to a near-white as the bloom matures. Grand Perfection is a Triumph-type tulip.

Grand Perfection tulips grow to 14″-16″ tall and bloom in mid-spring. Grand Perfection was introduced by Blumex Export B.V. in 1999.

Orange princess tulips
Orange princess tulips

17. Orange Princess tulip

The Orange Princess tulip is an absolute stunner. This orange tulip has voluminous layers of vibrant petals, making the flowers look almost like orange peony blooms. Orange Princess is a cultivar in the double late tulip group.

Orange Princess tulip grows to about 14″ tall and blooms in late spring. Orange Princess was introduced by C.J. Zonneveld & Sons and W.B. & Th. Reus in 1983.

Golden parade tulips
Golden parade tulips

18. Golden Parade tulip

The Golden Parade tulip is a traditional yellow tulip variety. These solid-color single tulips make wonderful mass plantings in flower beds as well as long-lasting cut flowers. Golden Parade is a Darwin Hybrid variety – a type known for its tall, strong stems and vibrantly-colored petals.

Golden Parade tulips grow to 24″-26″ tall and bloom in mid-spring. Golden Parade was introduced by A. Overdevest Gzn. in 1963.

Kingsblood tulips
Kingsblood tulips

19. Kingsblood tulip

The Kingsblood tulip is a dark cherry-red tulip variety with slightly pointed petals. The color of these flowers is among the strongest scarlet tones available in a tulip. The long stems and rich tones make these flowers perfect for displaying in a vase. Kingsblood is a single late tulip variety.

Kingsblood tulips grow to 24″-26″ tall and bloom in late spring. Kingsblood was introduced by Konijnenburg & Mark in 1952.

Blue heron tulip
Blue heron tulip

20. Blue Heron tulip

The Blue Heron tulip is a gorgeous purple-blue tulip variety with a delicate frayed petal edge. The soft lilac hues of this flower combined with the fringed edge are a unique combination in the world of tulips. These flowers also have elegant lily-shaped blooms. Blue Heron is one of the most sought-after cultivars of fringed-type tulips.

Blue Heron tulips grow to 24″ tall and bloom in late spring. Blue Heron was introduced by Segers in 1970.

Estella rijnveld tulips
Estella rijnveld tulips

21. Estella Rijnveld tulip

The Estella Rijnveld tulip is a bicolor creamy white and red parrot tulip. These fluffy flowers are beautiful in the garden and as cut flowers. This variety is quite tall for a parrot variety. Petals start as a cream-yellow color, maturing to a whiter tone on the stem.

Estella Rijnveld tulips grow to about 20″ tall and bloom in late spring. Estella Rijnveld was introduced by Segers in 1954.

Monsella tulip
Monsella tulip

22. Monsella tulip

The Monsella tulip is a bicolor yellow and red tulip. The bright yellow petals are adorned with long dark red streaks. This type has two layers of petals. Monsella is a variety in the double early tulip group.

Monsella tulips grow to 12″-16″ tall in the garden, blooming in early spring. Monsella was introduced by Bakker Bros. in 1981.

More varieties of tulips

Here are some additional lovely tulip varieties to look for:

  • ‘Amazing Grace’ tulip
  • ‘Amazing Parrot’ tulip
  • ‘Amber Glow’ tulip
  • ‘Angelique’ tulip
  • ‘Antoinette’ tulip
  • ‘Apeldoorn’ tulip
  • ‘Apricot Parrot’ tulip
  • ‘Ballerina’ tulip
  • ‘Banja Luka’ tulip
  • ‘Bella Blush’ tulip
  • ‘Big Smile’ tulip
  • ‘Black Hero’ tulip
  • ‘Black Parrot’ tulip
  • ‘Bleu Aimable’ tulip
  • ‘Blue Beauty’ tulip
  • ‘Blue Diamond’ tulip
  • ‘Blue Heron’ tulip
  • ‘Blushing Impression’ tulip
  • ‘Blushing Lady’ tulip
  • ‘Brisbane’ tulip
  • ‘Calgary Flames’ tulip
  • ‘Candy Prince’ tulip
  • ‘Caribbean Parrot’ tulip
  • ‘Catherina’ tulip
  • ‘Charming Beauty’ tulip
  • ‘Clearwater’ tulip
  • ‘Coldplay’ tulip
  • ‘Continental’ tulip
  • ‘Cool Pink Lemonade’ tulip
  • ‘Danceline’ tulip
  • ‘Darwin Hybrid’ tulip
  • ‘Daydream’ tulip
  • ‘Don Quichotte’ tulip
  • ‘Double Flag’ tulip
  • ‘Double Sugar’ tulip
  • ‘Dreamer’ tulip
  • ‘Dynasty’ tulip
  • ‘Estella Rijnveld’ tulip
  • ‘Evergreen’ tulip
  • ‘Flaming Flag’ tulip
  • ‘Flaming Parrot’ tulip
  • ‘Flaming Spring Green’ tulip
  • ‘Formosa’ tulip
  • ‘Foxtrot’ tulip
  • ‘Foxy Foxtrot’ tulip
  • ‘Gavota’ tulip
  • ‘Giant Orange Sunrise’ tulip
  • ‘Golden Apeldoorn’ tulip
  • ‘Golden Charm’ tulip
  • ‘Golden Parade’ tulip
  • ‘Grand Perfection’ tulip
  • ‘Green Wave’ tulip
  • ‘Greenland’ tulip
  • ‘Hakuun’ tulip
  • ‘Ice Cream Banana’ tulip
  • ‘Ice Cream’ tulip
  • ‘Ivory Floradale’ tulip
  • ‘Je T’aime’ tulip
  • ‘Keizerskroon’ tulip
  • ‘Kingsblood’ tulip
  • ‘Lasting Love’ tulip
  • ‘Light and Dreamy’ tulip
  • ‘Lilac Wonder’ tulip
  • ‘Little Beauty’ tulip
  • ‘Mango Charm’ tulip
  • ‘Mascotte’ tulip
  • ‘Menton’ tulip
  • ‘Mondial’ tulip
  • ‘Monte Orange’ tulip
  • ‘Mount Tacoma’ tulip
  • ‘Negrita’ tulip
  • ‘Odalisque’ tulip
  • ‘Orange Emperor’ tulip
  • ‘Orange Princess’ tulip
  • ‘Oxford Elite’ tulip
  • ‘Parrot Pink Vision’ tulip
  • ‘Peppermint Stick’ tulip
  • ‘Pink Impression’ tulip
  • ‘Pittsburg’ tulip
  • ‘Pretty Princess’ tulip
  • ‘Princess Irene’ tulip
  • ‘Purissima’ tulip
  • ‘Purple Prince’ tulip
  • ‘Queen of Night’ tulip
  • ‘Queensland’ tulip
  • ‘Rainbow Parrot’ tulip
  • ‘Red Dynasty’ tulip
  • ‘Red Emperor’ tulip
  • ‘Red Impression’ tulip
  • ‘Red Riding Hood’ tulip
  • ‘Renown Unique’ tulip
  • ‘Ronaldo’ tulip
  • ‘Rosy Delight’ tulip
  • ‘Salmon Impression’ tulip
  • ‘Secret Perfume’ tulip
  • ‘Serrano’ tulip
  • ‘Shirley’ tulip
  • ‘Silver Parrot’ tulip
  • ‘Slawa’ tulip
  • ‘Snow Crystal’ tulip
  • ‘Spring Green’ tulip
  • ‘Spryng Break’ tulip
  • ‘Super Parrot’ tulip
  • ‘Sweetheart’ tulip
  • ‘Synaeda Amor’ tulip
  • ‘Texas Flame’ tulip
  • ‘Valdivia’ tulip
  • ‘Van Eijk’ tulip
  • ‘Vincent van Gogh’ tulip
  • ‘White Triumphator’ tulip
  • ‘Wild Blue Heart’ tulip
  • ‘Yellow Pomponette’ tulip
  • ‘Yokohama’ tulip

For more information on different tulips, check out this article about the different types of tulips to learn all about the categories that varieties are classified under, including Viridiflora Tulips, Greigii Tulips, Kaufmanniana Tulips, Lily-Flowered Tulips, Darwin Tulips, and Species Tulips.

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