Scary pumpkin faces: 45+ jack o’lantern carving ideas

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What’s Halloween without some really great scary pumpkin faces!? Here are 45+ different jack o lantern ideas for frighteningly spooky carving ideas, from evil-grin pumpkin carving templates to prop-filled diabolical pumpkin creatures. Let’s look at this big gallery of scary pumpkin faces to get some ideas for jack o lantern designs!

Scary pumpkin face
Scary pumpkin design
Scary jack-o-lantern face carving
Classic scary carved Jack O’Lantern – making the perfect halloween pumpkin!
Carving pumpkins with scary faces
Jack O’Lantern with a scary face using the stem as a nose
Two-headed double scary pumpkin faces
A two-headed monster pumpkin!
Pumpkin with nails stuck in it
Jack O’Lantern carved pumpkin with nails sticking into it
Scary jack-o-lantern face carvings
All about those sharp teeth on this Jack O’Lantern
Evil smile pumpkin face - scary pumpkin ideas
A classic evil grin on this scary jack-o-lantern!
Scary pumpkin face with wide mouth
Wide-grin scary pumpkin face glowing
Scary jack-o-lantern face carvings
Templates for easy scary pumpkin faces
Pumpkin with scary face
Simple scary heirloom pumpkin
Scary pumpkin face with big eyes
Nightmare pumpkin
Evil pumpkin jack o lantern carving idea
This scary pumpkin face has huge eyes and a skinny scary mouth.
Scary jack-o-lantern with vomit pumpkin guts
Vomiting Pumpkin – Jack O’Lantern Throwing Up Pumpkin Guts
Scary jack-o-lantern face
Cross-eyes Jack O’Lantern with vertical slit mouth
Three evil pumpkins
Simple scary pumpkin face templates
Big mouth scary pumpkin
Roaring evil Jack O’Lantern
Vampire jack o'lantern
Vampire Jack O’Lantern
Scary jack-o-lantern face carving
Jack O’Lantern carved with wide mouth and toothpick teeth
Scary jack-o-lantern eating a small pumpkin
Use a mini or baby pumpkin to create a design of a hungry pumpkin so that it is eating a smaller pumpkin!
Witch jack o lantern with spiders
Witch Jack O’Lantern with creepy spiders on grin
Scary pumpkin with wig hair
Creepy squash Jack O’Lantern with hair wig
Scary pumpkin face with liquid nitrogen
Liquid nitrogen smoke effect for Jack O’Lantern
Scary pumpkin face with fangs and narrow eyes
Asymmetrical mouth with fangs
Scary pumpkin face
Easy template for a simple Jack O’Lantern carving
Scary jack-o-lantern face carving
Slightly-rotted Jack O’Lantern with creepy mouth
Scary pumpkin face
Template for easy scary Jack O’Lantern face
Scary pumpkin face
Jack O’Lantern from oddly-shaped pumpkin
Scary pumpkin face - for beginner carver
Easy scary Jack O’Lantern
Scary jack-o-lantern face carvings
Silly pumpkin with little devil horns made of pumpkin carved-out bits
Scary jack-o-lantern face carving - evil eyes
Cartoon-style frightening face on a pumpkin
Scary jack-o-lantern face carving
A simple scary face that can be used to make an entire pumpkin patch of scary pumpkins!
Scary jack-o-lantern face carving with knife
Knife prop with plain Jack O’Lantern
Scary jack-o-lantern face carving
Oblong Jack O’Lantern with the inside of the carving surfaces painted red
Scary jack-o-lantern face carving
Easy scary pumpkin face
Scary jack-o-lantern face carving
Simple scary Jack O’Lantern pumpkin face
Scary jack-o-lantern face carving - scary mouth
Creepy stretched mouth and diabolical eyes
Pumpkin with big teeth eating flowers
Jack O’Lantern eating flowers!
Mummy type jack o lantern
Skeleton-style nose and thin slit mouth
Green pumpkin with skeleton nose
Template to use a green heirloom pumpkin for zombie pumpkin face
Four scary jack o'lanterns on halloween
A few scary (and slightly crazy) carved pumpkins
Evil pumpkin face with scary mouth
Evil grin on this Jack O’Lantern
Easy scary pumpkin face
Smoky effect coming out of the Jack O’Lantern’s mouth
Diabolical pumpkin with added teeth
Teeth left in with pumpkin pulp
Crazy pumpkin with fangs
Scary grin!
Crazy eyes and missing skin jack o lantern
Creepy eyes and missing skin on this scary jack o’lantern
Big mouth scary pumpkin
Classic fangs on this jack o’lantern
Oogie boogie pumpkin
Poopy diaper baby pumpkin
Saved the most terrifying for last …. Straight from extreme pumpkins
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Mary Jane Duford

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