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Red Dahlias

19 red dahlia varieties

There is something truly striking about a vibrant red dahlia. Whether grown in a cut flower garden, border garden or in a bouquet, red dahlias always steal the show. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from! Let’s look at 19 of the best red dahlia varieties.

Red Dahlias

1. Spartacus dahlia

Dahlia ‘Spartacus’ is a dark-red velvety dahlia variety. This stunning flower is classified as an Informal Decorative dahlia, with large blooms that usually reach 9″-10″ wide. The Spartacus Dahlia is in Class 1107.

‘Spartacus’ is a newer cultivar of dahlia plant that is known as one of the easiest to grow. It’s a good choice for a newer gardener looking for a vibrant variety to plant.

2. Zorro dahlia

Dahlia ‘Zorro’ is one of the largest red dahlia varieties available. These massive red dinner plate dahlias grow to reach 10″-12″ wide each. The Zorro Dahlia is classified as an Informal Decorative type and is given the classification number 0107.

Cornel Red Dahlias
Cornel red dahlias

3. Cornel dahlia

Dahlia ‘Cornel’ is one of the most popular red dahlias and also one of the most popular ball-type dahlias (see the types of dahlias here). This variety is known for its richly-hued cherry red petals that are neatly arranged in concentric layers around the center of the flower. Cornel Dahlia flowers are typically about 4″ wide. Cornel is classified as a ball dahlia with dark red petals and is given the classification number 6007.

4. Red Carpet Border dahlia

Dahlia ‘Red Carpet Border’ is a low-growing red dahlia variety. These dwarf plants grow to reach only 18″-20″ tall, producing masses of bright red blooms. While the plants are small, Red Carpet Border Dahlia flowers are not, reaching 4″-5″ wide each.

5. RIP City dahlia

Dahlia ‘RIP City’ is a popular dark red dahlia variety. This Informal Decorative type has a dark burgundy center with velvety petals. These are smaller flowers that grow on prolific plants. The RIP City Dahlia is given the classification number 3107.

red dahlia bare root plants at garden center

6. Babylon Red dahlia

Dahlia ‘Babylon Red’ is a large red dinner plate dahlia variety. The crimson-red flowers are very popular in exhibitions, where they routinely show at 8″ wide or larger. This variety is also quite attractive in border gardens due to its glossy dark green foliage.

7. Jowey Cherbourg dahlia

Dahlia ‘Jowey Cherbourg’ is a new red dahlia variety. These gorgeous large flowers grow 6″-7″ wide each. While the petals are almost entirely red, sometimes the very tip is a yellow shade. The stems of this variety are quite strong, making this type a great choice for the border garden. The Jowey Cherbourg Dahlia is an informal decorative type.

8. Boom Boom Red dahlia

Dahlia ‘Boom Boom Red’ is a stunning deep red dahlia variety. These giant round blooms have delicately pointed petals. Boom Boom Red Dahlia flowers are about 5″ wide each.

9. Noël dahlia

Dahlia ‘Noël’ is a frilly bicolor red dahlia variety with white petal tips. This Laciniated-type variety typically produces blooms that are about 6″ wide. The Noël Dahlia is placed in Class 3515.

10. Pulp Fiction dahlia

Dahlia ‘Pulp Fiction’ is a specialty mini dahlia with bright red flowers and dark purple foliage. This is a Mignon Single-type variety with flowers about 2″ across. Plants grow to reach only 10″-12″ tall, making this a wonderful variety for growing in flowerpots. The Pulp Fiction Dahlia is in Class 9707.

11. Mystery Day dahlia

Dahlia ‘Mystery Day’ is a spectacular bicolor red and white variety. This Formal Decorative type has rich red petals at the base that turn white at the tips. Flowers grow in the range of 4″-6″ wide each. The Mystery Day Dahlia is in Class 3015.

12. Jowey Morris dahlia

Dahlia ‘Jowey Morris’ is an ombre bicolor white and red dahlia variety. This Semi-Cactus type has very dark red petals at the center. The petals become medium red towards the middle and pure white at the tips. Jowey Morris Dahlia flowers grow to about 6″ wide.

13. Tartan dahlia

Dahlia ‘Tartan’ is a specialty bicolor dahlia with striped red and white petals. The sides of each petal are a dark burgundy shade, while the center of each petal is streaked with a pure white stripe. This Informal Decorative variety can grow up to 8″ wide. The Tartan Dahlia is in Class 2115.

14. Garden Wonder dahlia

Garden Wonder Dahlia is a specialty Formal Decorative-type red dahlia variety. These flowers typically bloom in the range of 6″-8″ wide. The Garden Wonder Dahlia is in Class 1006.

15. Peppermint Swirl dahlia

Dahlia ‘Peppermint Swirl’ is a bicolor red and white dahlia. The center petals are white with red bases, while the outer petals are solid bright red. Peppermint Swirl Dahlia is one of the newest red and white bicolor varieties.

16. Melody Mambo dahlia

Dahlia ‘Melody Mambo’ is a dwarf dahlia with bright red flowers. Plants grow only about 20″ tall, making this variety a great choice for front-of-border gardens or as a container plant on the patio. Melody Mambo Dahlia flowers grow to about 4″-wide.

17. Natal dahlia

Dahlia ‘Natal’ is a stunning dark red dahlia variety. The ball-shaped crimson blooms are generally about 2½” wide. The Natal Dahlia is a great choice for the flower garden as these burgundy blooms make fantastic cut flowers.

18. Red Infusion dahlia

Dahlia ‘Red Infusion’ is a low-growing dahlia variety. The flowers tend to be all red when they first open, aging to develop white tips. Red Infusion Dahlia flowers grow to about 3″-4″ wide each on a plant about 24″ tall.

19. Crève Coeur dahlia

Crève Coeur Dahlia is a stunning Semi-Cactus-type red dahlia variety. This variety is considered a dinner plate type, with large blooms generally in the range of 8″-10″ wide. The Crève Coeur Dahlia is given the classification number 0206.

different red dinnerplate dahlia plants (bare root) at garden center


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