18 purple tulips

Tulips are a household favorite in every flower lover’s garden. There’s nothing that quite says spring like a garden bed full of gorgeous purple tulips Today, we’ve compiled over fifteen types of purple tulip varieties for you, including their shade of purple, flower shape, typical height, and time of spring they tend to bloom. 

1. Purple Pride tulip

Purple Pride tulip is a very popular purple cultivar. This classic purple tulip holds a traditional tulip shape and is a lighter shade of lilac than some other varieties. They tend to bloom mid-spring and are able to grow up to 18” in height. 

Planting black parrot

2. Black Parrot tulip 

Black parrot is a stunning parrot-type cultivar that’s just as beautiful in the garden as it is in a vase or floral display. These low-maintenance flowers bloom in late spring and can grow up to 24” tall. 

Purple prince tulips

3. Purple Prince tulip 

Purple Prince is another popular purple variety. Growing to 18” in height, these richly-colored purple tulips bloom early to mid-spring and are a tulip classic. Be sure to keep them in a spot where they can get 6-8 hours of direct sunlight and watch these beauties bloom.

Purple bulbs

4. Flaming Flag tulip 

Flaming Flag tulips have been the inspiration for artists everywhere. These purple flowers, decked with streams of white, are perfect for any flower garden. Blooming in mid-spring, these tulips can grow between 14-16” and need lots of sunlight.

5. Negrita tulip 

Negrita tulips can grow up to 20” in height and have a traditional tulip shape. Like most tulips, we recommend planting them in the fall, and they tend to bloom in mid-spring. These deep purple flowers are guaranteed to brighten your day!

Candy prince

6. Candy Prince tulip

Candy Prince is a light, lavender-purple tulip variety. The single-petaled flowers are dainty and perfect for welcoming warmer temperatures as spring arrives. These tulips grow mid to late spring and can grow up to 14” in height.  

7. Blue Heron tulip

Blue Heron tulips have a more traditional shape but are edged in a ruffled shape. These low-maintenance tulips grow best in lots of sunlight and will begin to bloom around mid-spring. With lots of water and sunlight, they can grow up to 24” tall.

 8. Light and Dreamy tulip

Light and Dreamy tulip certainly lives up to its name! This purple flower, decked with pink and white hues, is a springtime favorite. Like many other types of tulips, it blooms in mid-spring and can grow up to 30” with lots of sunlight and water.

 9. Pittsburg tulip

‘Pittsburg’ has a lovely red shade that gives it a bit of an edge. This is not one of the more traditionally shaped tulips; its head is closed, giving it more of an egg shape. These flowers grow between 16-18” and tend to bloom in mid-spring.

 10. Double Flag tulip 

Double Flag tulips have a traditional shape, with their petals ruffled at the ends, giving them an elegant look. Their signature deep purple color is what they’re known best for, and they bloom early to mid-spring. When healthy, these beauties can grow up to 14-16” in height.

11. Vincent Van Gogh tulip

‘Vincent Van Gogh’ is a purple-black specialty cultivar. Growing up to 12-18” in height, they bloom in mid-spring. Their fringed edges and deep, rustic color add a gorgeous hint of darkness to the garden.

 12. Bleu Aimable tulip 

Bleu Aimable are perfect cut flowers that bloom in late spring. With plenty of sunlight and water, these blue-violet colored tulips can grow up to 22” in height.

13. Jacuzzi tulip 

Jacuzzi tulips are one of the classic types of tulips, deep purple with strokes of white that add to their interesting color. These beauties can grow up to 18” and bloom mid-spring, just in time for Easter.

14. Ballade tulip

Ballade tulips are fascinating to look at. With wisps of deep red, the shape of these tulips is what they’re best known for, their petals gently tapered at the ends. Blooming in the late spring, ballade tulips can grow from 12-24” in height.

15. Librije tulip

Librije purple tulips can grow up to 22” in height with plenty of sunshine and water. These tulips are a gorgeous light purple color, laced with shades of white around their edges.

16. Spitsbergen tulip

Spitsbergen tulips are one of the finest types of tulips around. Complete with a deep, purple, and red mixture, these tulips are rare. They bloom mid-spring and can grow up to 22” tall.  

17. Request tulip

Request tulips have petals are more pointed at the ends, giving them a flame look with shades of reddish-purple and yellow edges. They grow mid to late spring and can grow between 20-22” in height.

18. Valery Gergiev tulip

Valery Gergiev tulips are just as unique as the Russian conductor they were named after. Their reddish-purple edges have a ruffled look, making them one of the most interesting types of tulips to grow. They bloom mid-spring and tend to range between 16-18” in height. 

Purple parrot tulip
Purple flag tulips
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