15+ purple dahlia varieties

Dahlias are one of the most popular garden flowers. Everyone loves their big, showy blooms in a variety of colors. Did you know that there are many different purple dahlia varieties? If you’re looking for something special in your garden, consider adding one or more of these 16 beautiful purple dahlia varieties. From compact plants to towering giants, there’s a perfect purple dahlia for everyone!

Purple dahlia varieties - thomas edison dahlia

1. Thomas Edison dahlia

Dahlia ‘Thomas A. Edison’ is a classic Informal Decorative purple dahlia variety to grow. These flowers grow to 7″-8″ wide with a richly-colored center. Thomas Edison Dahlia plants are also quite productive and are sometimes used in border gardens due to their landscaping appeal. This cultivar is in Dahlia Class 2109.

Purple dahlia plants - bare root dahlias at garden center

2. Lavender Ruffles dahlia

Dahlia ‘Lavender Ruffles’ is a breathtaking purple dinner plate dahlia variety. These absolutely giant 12″ blooms have curled petals, giving the flowers a ruffled appearance. The flowers are largest when the side buds on each stem are pinched back, allowing the plant to channel more energy into producing the largest dinner plate dahlia flower from the remaining main bud.

3. Blue Bell dahlia

Dahlia ‘Blue Bell’ is a stunning large informal decorative purple dahlia. This popular variety has plump petals and a rich blue-purple color. The Blue Bell Dahlia is classified as 1109 by the ADS.

4. Mystery Day dahlia

Dahlia ‘Mystery Day’ is a small formal decorative dahlia with bicolor white and purple petals. These flowers have rich dark purple petals with a pure white tip, making for a totally unique bloom. The Mystery Day Dahlia is classified as 3015 by the ADS.

5. Black Narcissus dahlia

Dahlia ‘Black Narcissus’ is one of the darkest dahlias available. This laciniated semi-cactus-type dahlia has deep burgundy-purple petals that are so dark they’re almost black. The flowers reach 6″-8″ wide each. The Black Narcissus Dahlia is classified as 2507 by the ADS.

6. Bluetiful dahlia

Dahlia ‘Bluetiful’ is a unique purple dahlia with cool blue undertones. These small Informal Decorative-type dahlias grow to 5″-6″ wide. The lavender shade of the flowers is much cooler than other purple dahlia varieties, making this one a favorite. Bluetiful Dahlias are in Class 3109.

7. Crazy Love dahlia

Dahlia ‘Crazy Love’ is an elegant white dahlia variety with purple-edged petals. These flowers are creamy-yellow in the center but the majority of the flower is white. The colorful edges are a Fuschia-lavender shade. Crazy Love flowers are an Informal Decorative variety that grows to about 4″-5″ wide each. The Crazy Love Dahlia is given classification number 3101.

8. Lavender Perfection

Dahlia ‘Lavender Perfection’ is a large formal decorative purple dahlia variety. These 8″-10″ blooms truly are a lavender shade (and they are pretty perfect!). The Lavender Perfection dahlia is classified as 1008 by the ADS.

9. Lilac Time dahlia

Dahlia ‘Lilac Time’ is a medium-sized formal decorative purple dahlia. The 6″-8″ wide blooms are a lavender blue shade, making this variety really stand out among other dahlia varieties. The Lilac Time Dahlia is classified as 2008 by the ADS.

10. Mikayla Miranda dahlia

Dahlia ‘Mikayla Miranda’ is a medium-sized white and purple informal decorative dahlia. The petals are white, but go to cream in the center of the flower and fade to a light lavender towards each petal tip. The effect is stunning! The Mikayla Miranda dahlia is classified as 2110 by the ADS.

11. Mingus Randy dahlia

Dahlia ‘Mingus Randy’ is a showstopping large semi-cactus dahlia with white and purple petals. The 8″-wide flowers have long petals with curled sides. Mingus Randy is classified as 1210 by the ADS.

12. Rocco dahlia

Dahlia ‘Rocco’ is a popular mini purple pompon dahlia. These adorable little flowers are tightly packed with purple petals. The Rocco dahlia is classified as 6209 by the ADS.

13. Clearview Debby dahlia

Dahlia ‘Clearview Debby’ is a small formal decorative dahlia. This bicolor beauty has white inner petals that turn to lavender purple towards the tips. The flowers are about 4″-6″ wide each. The Clearview Debby Dahlia is classified as 3010 by the ADS.

14. Striped Ambition dahlia

Dahlia ‘Striped Ambition’ is a unique fringed purple dahlia with streaked petals. The light lavender petals have long streaks of dark purple extending to the tips. Each flower is about 4″-5″ wide. The split ends of each petal give this variety almost a fuzzy appearance.

15. Natal dahlia

Dahlia ‘Natal’ is a stunning dark red-plum dahlia variety. The ball-shaped crimson blooms are generally about 2½” wide. The Natal Dahlia is a great choice for the flower garden as these blooms make fantastic cut flowers.

16. Emperor dahlia

Dahlia ‘Emperor’ is a medium-sized purple decorative dahlia. This variety produces 6″-wide blooms on a 3′-tall plant. The petals sometimes have faint streaks of light or dark purple.

Purple dahlias
Purple dahlia
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